Business Surcharge Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the “business course surcharge”?

The business course surcharge is a per credit hour fee, in addition to general Miami tuition, applicable to the majority of courses offered by the Farmer School of Business. For specific tuition, costs and fee information, visit the One Stop.

Do other business schools have similar charges?


What is the purpose of this charge?

The business course surcharge was instituted several years ago as a means to ensure that the Farmer School can continue to provide our students with a world-class educational experience. The additional funds allow us to effectively compete with the business world, and other universities in attracting and retaining the best faculty. The positive impact on our students is significant.

The surcharge also increases our ability to maintain and enhance our:

Focus on teaching

Innovative experiential learning opportunities

Small class sizes

Accessible international study opportunities

Cutting edge in-class technology

Supportive learning environment

What courses have this surcharge?

The following courses, at all levels, carry the surcharge:

Accounting (ACC)

Business Legal Studies (BLS)

Business (BUS)

Economics (ECO)

Entrepreneurship (ESP)

Finance (FIN)

Information Systems & Analytics (ISA)

Management (MGT)

Marketing (MKT)

Are there surcharges for courses at Miami’s regional campuses?

No. The surcharge applies only to courses offered on our Oxford campus.

Are there any business courses on the Oxford campus that do not carry the surcharge?

Yes. The surcharge does not apply to:

The MBA program or other business programs with premium tuition rates.

Students taking business courses internationally, including courses taught in Luxembourg, and BLS235 (Mock Trial practicum).

Miami Plan Foundation Courses and business courses through a business school workshop, to include Miami PRIME, for first-time undergraduate students enrolled prior to fall 2021.