International Business

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This minor offers a concentration of courses that create a foundation for a career in the global business environment. A core and electives from the Farmer School of Business focus on international topics. 

Approved General Electives

You are required to take a minimum of six hours of approved general electives; electives must be non-business courses. The suggested electives are recommended, but by no means comprise the extent of courses that would satisfy this requirement. Non-business courses offered on approved study abroad programs may be used as electives with the approval of the FSB International Business Minor advisor. See International Business Approved General Electives for a list of courses. 

Language Preparation

This minor requires foreign language skills through the 202 level or above. The College of Arts and Science provides courses for preparation in a variety of foreign languages. American Sign Language courses offered through the College of Arts and Science may not be used to fulfill this requirement. 

Study Abroad

Students are encouraged to study abroad. Courses taken while abroad may apply. The Farmer School of Business offers international programs for short terms and semester-long opportunities. 

Minor Information

  • 21 credit hours; with at least a 2.00 GPA
  • The International Business Minor Advisor may approve other courses such as those taken on FSB study abroad programs.
  • This minor does not fulfill the thematic sequence requirement for business majors. However, courses that have been identified in the list of "Approved General Electives" for the international business minor may either fully or partially satisfy a thematic sequence for business students. The minor fulfills the thematic sequence requirement for non-business majors.
  • Approved General Electives must be non-business and cannot be used to fulfill both the Miami Plan Foundation requirement and the international business minor requirements. No 100-level course may count for the Approved General Electives requirement.
  • Visit the Miami Bulletin for more information.

Minor Requirements


  • ECO 344
  • Foreign Language through the 202 level
  • Six hours of approved general electives

Select three of the following:

  • BLS 464
  • BUS 371 or BUS 373
  • ECO 347
  • ECO 441
  • ECO 442
  • FIN 417
  • MGT 304
  • MKT 412
  • MKT 425
  • IMS/ENG 416
  • Any business courses taken abroad and approved by the FSB International Business Minor Advisor

Minor Advisor:

Mr. Jacob Drees


Created by FSB Advising, July 2020