Consulting Hours

The Howe Writing Center is Online this Fall

To protect the health and safety of the Miami community, all Fall 2020 consultations will happen virtually.

Starting the first week of classes, you can schedule a Written Online Appointment with a Howe Writing Center (HWC) consultant. In a Written Online Appointment, you’ll pick an appointment time, upload your writing document(s), and complete a detailed appointment form. There is no live interfacing with the consultant. Your consultant will read and respond to your work, returning written feedback shortly after the end of your appointment time.

Starting around Week 3 of the term, we will also begin offering a limited number of Live Online consulting hours. In a Live Online Appointment, you'll meet with a consultant in real-time via video conferencing.

Our support staff are available from Monday to Friday, 10:00AM—4:00PM. If you have any questions or need help scheduling an appointment, call 513-529-6100 or stop by our welcome desk in King Library.

Fall 2020 Hours

Written Online Appointments

Sunday,  1:00PM—9:00PM
Monday,  10:00AM—7:00PM
Tuesday,  10:00AM—7:00PM
Wednesday,  10:00AM—9:00PM
Thursday,  10:00AM—7:00PM
Friday,  10:00AM—5:00PM

Live Online Appointments

Coming soon!