Photo Contest

two Miami students taking a selfie abroad

Deadline for Submission (EXTENDED)

October 21, 2022 at 11:59 p.m.

Academic Term Eligibility

The subject of your photo should have taken place during the following academic terms:

  • Fall Semester 2021
  • Winter Term 2021-2022
  • Spring Semester 2022
  • Summer Term 2022


Photos taken during academic terms listed above will be accepted for this contest. Photos must be high quality, preferably with a resolution of 300 DPI. Up to four total photo contest submissions are welcome (one submission per category).


  • Candid photos sometimes work better than a posed shot
  • Find a unique background
  • Outdoor images usually have better lighting than indoor ones
  • Take a variety of unique photos and submit your best work

Evaluation Criteria

  • Representation of the intercultural or international experience
  • If applicable, sensitivity toward the host culture
  • Appropriateness to the category
  • Technical merit (clarity, focus, lighting, etc.)
  • Photos should be appropriate for public viewing and reflect Miami’s values and code of conduct. The following are prohibited and may be cause for disqualification:
    • Images that depict alcohol
    • Images in unsafe locations and/or poses
    • Images that include bathing suits or inappropriate clothing


  • Review your photo to make sure it fits the selected category.
  • Remember that your photo should reflect your perspective on your study abroad experience or your perspective as an international student in the United States.
  • If your photo is of what might be considered a tourist attraction, make sure it provides a different perspective than what you might see on a postcard.


Cross-Cultural Moments

This can include cultural events, interactions with host culture, or defining moments. This may also include photos of common day-to-day places like grocery stores, libraries, hospitals, churches and/or people going about their daily lives in those places that are in contrast to similar places in your own country/culture. In your description, be sure to provide a brief explanation of context to help the viewer understand what makes it a cross-cultural moment.

Global Classroom

Capture a photo that illustrates a learning experience you had while abroad. It could be an educational setting either inside or outside of the classroom. In your description, consider how your perspective has changed as a result of this experience.

Love & Honor

This photo would show Miami student(s) showing school pride in a cultural context.

People and Portraits

Capture an artistic shot of a person or group of people you have engaged with during your program. Make sure you have the person’s consent. In your description, reflect on this encounter and your relationship with the person(s) in the photo.


Photos submitted to this contest will become public and could be shared broadly via social media. Before submitting any photo, please consider the following questions:

  • Is your photo culturally sensitive and respectful of the host country or United States?
  • Have you considered possible negative ways it might be interpreted by others?
  • Did any people in the photo consent to the photo being submitted?


There will be three winners overall.

  1. First Prize: $250 Miami Scholarship (winner must be a currently-enrolled Miami student)
  2. Second Prize: $25 gift card to Brick & Ivy campus store
  3. Third: Global Initiatives swag

By submitting your photos and descriptions to the contest, you give Miami University permission to use your submissions for publicity and promotional purposes, including brochures, websites and presentations.

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