ILR Board

Board Meeting Minutes and Annual Reports

Minutes from monthly board meetings and Annual Reports are available from the ILR office upon request.

Board Meetings

The ILR Board of Directors meets the third Tuesday of February, May, August, and November from 2:00-3:30 p.m. Meetings are open to the ILR membership. Check with the ILR office for meeting locations.

ILR Organizational Structure

Article IX, Section 1 of the ILR Bylaws specifies, “There shall be an Annual Meeting for the membership each calendar year at which the Board of Directors and its officers shall be elected and annual reports will be presented and received.”

The Nominating Committee will present a slate of candidates for a voice vote for the Board of Directors and the officers. The board consists of twelve members, each serving three years (renewable once). Members may volunteer themselves or make recommendations to the Nominating Committee for these positions.