Miami Education Abroad / Away offers hundreds of global opportunities for students to earn academic credit during a transformative experience. Students have the opportunity to participate in programs in other parts of the U.S. and in 90 countries around the world. With so many options, nearly every student can find a program that is the right fit for them - and they do! Nearly 2,000 Miami students participate in away/abroad programs each year.

Mission Statement

Through comprehensive advising, transformative programming and high quality support services, the Office of Education Abroad drives Miami University's mission of developing engaged, compassionate global citizens.

The Education Abroad Office strives to provide student-centered advising to encourage students to select programs that meet their personal, academic and career goals. The process may seem overwhelming at first because there are many options and factors to consider. Stop by to see one of our advisors to start the planning process. We promise it's worth it! While you are at it, ask us about our study abroad experiences. Among our staff, we have work, travel and study experiences on nearly every continent.

Learning Goals

The Office of Education Abroad at Miami University offers programs and delivers advising services that give students the tools to:

  1. Become more adaptable within different cultural contexts and comfort zones;
  2. Develop more effective cross-cultural communication skills;
  3. Build a more sophisticated global perspective and a more sensitive global self awareness.