Honors MUDEC

The next offering of the Honors MUDEC program is planned for the 2021-2022 Academic Year*

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*This is a preliminary list. Some programs may not be offered.

Winter 2021-2022

MUDEC Honors: Two Millennia of Globalization

A scene in Leuven, Belgium, with gothic town hall and square with pedestrians

Visit locations in Luxembourg, Belgium, and Germany to explore how democracies handle the politics of globalization. Students will examine the experience of other cultures (historic and current) to better understand current events they are experiencing.

Summer 2022

The Dutch Golden Age: How One Century Birthed Modern Capitalism

Media & Identity in Europe

Street of architecturally interesting buildings in Delft, Netherlands

Investigate the political conditions and institutions needed for economic development through the lens of the Dutch Republic during its Golden Age that roughly coincided with the 17th century. The class will culminate in a trip to the Netherlands.

panoramic view at central berlin while sunset

Explore the historic ways media have depicted minorities in Europe, how those depictions have helped perpetuate stereotype and misunderstanding, and also examine the ways media producers attempt to reshape hegemonic understandings of European identity.