Spring Break

Career Academy Luxembourg

Honors New Orleans: City as Text

A 'Luxembourg' sign in Lux City, with students standing within the letters

Take part in a multi-day career immersion trip designed to respond to the unique needs of students that identify as first generation, low income/Pell-eligible and students of color. Participants will be able to network with high profile employers and alumni while participating in cultural experiences to enrich their global perspective.

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a city street in New Orleans with classic balconies and street lamps visible.png

Honors College students will develop a nuanced understanding of the historical, cultural, and environmental forces that have shaped New Orleans and its inhabitants.


HON 199A (3)

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The Management and Culture of English Soccer

Miami students and program director pose on the steps of a soccer stadium in England

Spend Spring Break in London, where you will become fully immersed in the global and local complexities, cultures, and social relations of the English soccer industry.


SLM 246 (3)
SLM 414 (3)

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