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French Study in Dijon, France

Immersion Spanish for Intermediate Level Students

Charming buildings in Dijon France

Live like the French and discover the rich culture in the historic heart of Burgundy while earning nine credits of French language courses.


Undergraduate (9 credit hours total):
FRE 341.W
FRE 411.W
FRE 453.W

Graduate students must enroll in two courses:
FRE 511.W
FRE 553

Costa Rican jungle and waterfall

Spend your summer living like a local and expanding your Spanish language skills in Costa Rica! This program allows students to live with a host family and volunteer in the local community in the heart of the country.


SPN 201
SPN 202

This program is no longer accepting applications.

Intensive German Summer

Intensive Italian Language and the Presence of Rome's Past

Sunset view of Heidelberg with river and buildings visible

Immerse yourself in the German language and way of life by spending seven weeks living and learning in Germany while completing one full year of German courses.


Track 1 (8 credits)
GER 201 (3)
GER 202 (3)
GER 277 (2)

Track 2 (8 credits)
GER 301 (3)
GER 321 (3)
GER 377 (2 credits or option to take 5 credits if GER 301 already completed)

This program is no longer accepting applications.

Bicycles, outdoor seating, and street in Italy

Reside in the beautiful city of Reggio Emilia while you study Italian language and the longstanding influence of Classical antiquity on the modern world. Experience Italian culture and history in the most natural way.


Track 1 (9 credits total) Intensive Italian language program
ITL 105W, ITL 205W, ITL 305W (all 8 credit hours)
mandatory ITL/CLS 399F (1 credit hour)

Track 2 (6 credits total) The Presence of Rome’s Past

ITL 199A (2 credit hours)
CLS 361 (3 credit hours)
ITL/CLS 399F (1 credit hour)

This program is no longer accepting applications.

Intensive Japanese Language Program in Tokyo

Summer in Spain

Colorful sunset view of mountains in Japan

Prepare for future study in the Japanese-speaking world. Converse with native Japanese speakers and interact with the volunteering students from the host Japanese university. Other activities include field trips and museum visits.


JPN 201, 202 (6)
JPN 301, 301 (6)

This program is no longer accepting applications.

Buildings along the coast of Spain

Experience Spanish culture through courses on Spanish language, literature, and linguistics. Students will end the program with a culinary and cultural travel experience.


Students will choose two courses from the following:
SPN 315 (3)
SPN 342 (3)
SPN 352 (3)
SPN 399 (3)

In addition, students will also enroll in either SPN 370A or SPN 370B (pre-requisite is SPN 311).

This program is no longer accepting applications.