Field Sciences

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Earth Expeditions

Environment and Sustainability in Zambia

a lion stands alone in a field of tall grass

Current Miami University graduate students and select undergraduates can apply by January 28 each year to take Project Dragonfly's Earth Expeditions graduate courses, which combine learning in a web classroom with travel to interact with leading scientists, community leaders, and conservationists from around the world.

Program locations are the Amazon, Baja, Belize, Borneo, Brazil, Costa Rica, Galapagos, Guyana, India, Kenya, Mongolia, Namibia, Paraguay, and Thailand.

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Terrain in Zambia, with grazing land mammals

Work with students and professors from the University of Zambia and NGOs to conduct water-resource research aimed at increasing access to clean drinking water. We will also explore the natural wonders of Zambia's National Parks and Victoria Falls to learn about people's use and dependence on river systems as well as generation of electricity by Victoria Falls themselves.


IES 499 (6 credits)
IES 599 (6 credits)

This program is no longer accepting applications.

Field Geology

Rocky Mountains and surrounding terrain

For more than 75 years, Miami Geology has offered a field geology course in the Rocky Mountain region, USA. As such, this is one of the longest running and most successful geology "field camp" programs in the country!


GLG 411