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Photo Gallery

Boat in harbor with birds

Miami in Oman and UAE

 Pyramid structure in Central America

Design Thinking in a Global Health Context

 Miami students pose with an 'M' flag in the Himalayas

Life at Altitude

 Students and local children stand together on a hillside holding an M flag

Miami in Oman and UAE

 Students stand in front of palm trees and hold up an M flag

Miami in Oman and UAE

 Colorful nighttime scene of Times Square

Theatre in NYC

 Student group takes a selfie in New Zealand

Sport, Management, and Culture in New Zealand

What Do Students Say About Winter Programs?

Graphic of a white world map on top of a red background. Three pinned locations with headshots of Miami students at each.

“[Studying abroad allows us to] step outside of our own culture and our own habits and just recognize how each place kind of expects different things and really values different things”

“[You’re able to] hear from people that are doing what you want to be doing, and see day-to-day roles of what they’re doing, and be surrounded by this community of people that are interested in a similar thing.”

As we look ahead to Winter 2023, read about three students who reflected on their winter abroad experiences. Where will you #FindYourPlace?

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