Resources for Parents and Families

MUDEC understands that as parents and family of students traveling internationally, you have concerns that perhaps your student hasn't thought of or hasn't communicated. This is why we are here for you throughout the entire process, from initial interest, all the way through the summer/semester your student is in Luxembourg, and even after your student returns.

All of our communication goes directly to your student, so first and foremost we encourage communication between you and your student. But there are some things we do especially for parents and families:

Please note that due to Federal privacy law (FERPA), we cannot discuss specifics of your student's participation on the program. We can only provide general information that is true for all students. If you wish for us to be able to discuss specifics with you, then it is imperative to have your student complete a FERPA waiver which can be done during the application process.


You can always reach us by phone and email if you have questions you'd like to ask us directly. Our phone number is 513-529-8600 and our email is


Each summer some of our MUDEC Program Alumni host send-offs, which are informal gatherings with light refreshments; these are a great opportunity for students to meet with the other students in their cohort, to connect with recent and past alumni, and to ask any lingering questions they may have. The send-offs usually take place in mid-August, and all Fall and Spring students and their families are invited to attend. The locations are typically Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland, and Chicago. Again, we will communicate the days/times of these send-offs with the students, and they will need to communicate the information to you.