Health and Safety


A fisheye mirror reflection of a sign reading face coverings required

The world experienced quite a bit of turmoil and uncertainty with the spread of the COVID-19 virus. While many study abroad programs were forced to close down, Miami and the John E. Dolibois European Center based in Differdange, Luxembourg did not. We were able to consistently serve our students through all of the challenges that COVID-19 and other various health and safety concerns. You can feel confident that with Miami’s unique situation, that study abroad opportunities will continue to exist despite very real challenges.

Miami's Efforts

Masked students play foosball at the chateau

What makes MUDEC unique from other programs is that Miami University has run a program in Luxembourg for over 50 years and has developed a lot of close relationships in Luxembourg over that time. Luxembourg has given Miami students special permission to study in the country, despite pandemic travel restrictions. MUDEC manages the Château, only allows Miami students and guests of MUDEC to enter, and can completely control the space, making it the ideal location for study abroad during the pandemic.

Miami Keeping You Safe

The welcome sign in front of the chateau

Miami University and the MUDEC program will take every step to ensure the health and safety of each student. In the Château, mask wearing is mandatory, social distancing is observed, and the building is cleaned and disinfected regularly. If you get sick, we will comply with the current regulations of the Luxembourg Ministry of Health. Most likely, you will isolate at your accommodation. MUDEC has a duty of care to ensure that you are safe, secure and have access to adequate room and board. If your conditions worsen and you need medical attention, MUDEC will work with the local medical authorities to provide you with the healthcare that you require. If you must isolate after the program end date, MUDEC will make sure that you are well looked after, although you will be responsible for your additional expenses.