Arrival in Luxembourg

Luxair plane on tarmac
Touring Lux City and holding up a Miami flag
Moien sign with students around it
Luxembourg sign in Lux city
Differdange directional sign that shows Miami University among other locaitons

Students will plan for travel to Luxembourg based on suggestions from the MUDEC staff. All dates and travel plans should stick to parameters set by the program to ensure students retain visa eligibility and so they can be assisted by MUDEC staff upon arrival. Miami is not responsible for flight plans, but may offer flight options to assist students.

Discovery Tours

Students at Bastogne
Group of students in Normandy with spring blossoms
Students in Maastricht, Netherlands
Students in Vianden, Luxembourg
Schengen discovery tour
Students in Trier hold up pommes frites
Students sitting outdoors in Dinant with overlook of town
Students in Liege

Discovery Tours are nearly or completely alumni-funded opportunities organized by the Student Activities Coordinator in Luxembourg to nearby, off-the-beaten track locations. Many of the meals are often included as is the transportation and activity at the location. These are a great way to explore Europe on a budget and without all of the planning! Each tour also provides enriching experiences to grow and learn more about Europe and its culture and history.

Recent Discovery Tours

Study Tours

Students in Berlin
Students in Krka National Park, Croatia
Students in Old Town Dubrovnik, Croatia
Students in Ljubljiana, Slovenia

Each student is required to register for one study tour course which meets regularly throughout the week and also includes 5-6 days of academic travel! Faculty will take the class to another area of Europe to build a real-world context of material learned in the classroom. The study tour fee (part of your semester bill) includes housing, entrances, activities, some meals, and transportation on site. All plans are organized for students by the MUDEC staff. In some cases, students will often use their study tour location as a springboard to explore another part of Europe!

Recent study tour locations include Poland, Southern France, Sicily, Germany, Slovenia and more!

Independent Travel

Students in front of Cologne Cathedral
At an FC Barcelona game
Park Guell in Spain
Students in Scotland, Spring 2020

Students often take advantage of Luxembourg’s location in the heart of Western Europe to explore the continent on the weekends. During pre-departure orientation and after arrival, students will learn lots of helpful tips on how to safely travel on a budget.

Students are also encouraged to stay local and immerse themselves into Luxembourgish culture and all that this small country has to offer.