Arrival in Luxembourg

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The arrival airport code for Luxembourg is LUX, to use when searching and booking flights. The MUDEC Coordinator in Oxford will provide important information regarding arrival and departure during orientation. Students are responsible for adhering to these guidelines, as there are ramifications for students’ residency permits.

Discovery Tours

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Either fully or partially funded by MUDEC alumni, these tours usually take place on Fridays beginning in the morning and ending in the evening (although they are sometimes overnight trips and may take place on a weekend as well). Day trips are free of charge while overnight trips do include a participation fee. Many of the meals are often included. At the end of the tour, students will either return to MUDEC or be dropped off at a nearby train station in order to allow for easy travel for the rest of the weekend.

During these excursions, we explore nearby regions, usually within Luxembourg, France, Belgium, or Germany. This is a great opportunity to explore local gems and "off the beaten path" areas. Many times, we choose activities that may be difficult for students to visit with public transportation or arrange on their own.

Bonus: Each Discovery Tour day trip counts for 5 points towards LUX 335 and overnight trips count for 10! Explore Fall 2019 Discovery Tours to get an idea of what they entail.

Study Tours

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Study tour courses meet regularly during the week, just like any other class. But unlike other courses, each study tour course includes 5-6 days of academic travel! That means your professor will take your class to another area of Europe to experience the real-world context of what you've been learning in class. Your study tour fee (part of your semester bill) includes housing, entrances, activities, some meals, and transportation on site. Students will travel to the study tour location independently, and the study tour leads straight into the Toussaint break (fall) or Mid Term break (spring), so students will often use their study tour location as a springboard to explore another part of Europe.

Study tour locations are selected considering their pertinence to course content and faculty experience. In recent semesters, study tours have gone to France, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Germany, Denmark, and Spain.

Independent Travel

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Students often take advantage of Luxembourg’s location in the heart of Western Europe to explore the continent on the weekends. During pre-departure orientation and after arrival, students will learn lots of helpful tips on how to safely travel on a budget.