Publicizing Your Education Abroad or Away Program

faculty member talking to Miami student at study abroad fair faculty member talking to Miami student at study abroad fair
 a faculty member talking to a Miami student  a faculty member talking to a Miami student

Education abroad and away program publicity is essential to success of our programs, both at the institutional and program-specific levels. The promotion of education abroad opportunities is a joint effort between Global Initiatives and the program director, with Global Initiatives working to promote education abroad as a whole and the directors being responsible for outreach for their individual programs.

This page details the support that Global Initiatives provides to promote education abroad and faculty-led programs, as well as some tried-and-true tips to help directors maximize their reach.

Getting Started

Good publicity is all about the content. Photos, videos, and student testimonials are great ways to share the excitement about your program with students. Give students a way to see your program through the eyes of past participants.

Your program has had an impact on your student's lives—they will often be very happy to share this experience with others. Identify student advocates and ask them for assistance at information sessions and events—your future students will thank you for it!

Ask your past students for testimonials you can share with other students about their experiences, the location, and the impact study abroad has had on their life. We can use these testimonials in writing, or in video format to share a student's perspective with future students. Let’s ensure that students and their parents know your program is a Miami University program

For all materials produced on your own, please follow the Miami brand.

Global Initiatives Support

Incoming-Student Orientations

We represent education abroad to all incoming students at a formal study abroad information session, and at the resource fair. Global Initiatives participates on all upcoming student orientations, including June sessions and transfer student orientations. In June, we have presence at the resource tours and offer optional informational sessions for students and families. 

Education Abroad Advising

We advise prospective education abroad students on a "big picture" level when meeting with them during advising sessions. If students are a good fit for your program, we encourage them to apply. Specific advising on faculty-led programs is also available, though we defer to directors on most program details.

On Demand Info Sessions

Information sessions are held throughout the academic year in classrooms, residence halls, student organization chapter meetings, and online all the time.

Education Abroad connects with key communicators on campus such as the office of Parent and Family Programs, Miami One Stop, Career Center, and University Communications to further promote programs.

Program Directory

After your proposal has been accepted, Global Initiatives will add your program to our education abroad directory (Terradotta, formerly Studio Abroad). This directory is the source for students to research and find potential programs, and serves as the application site for programs. Students are able to search for programs based on term, location, field of study, and Miami programs are prioritized in the list. For your program’s application site, we pull the promotional description from your proposal, and add general program information including courses, cost, dates, and locations. Contact your program coordinator with content updates for your online brochure.

See a sample application site

Campaigns Led by Global Initiatives 

We run marketing campaigns to drive students to special webpages to increase the number of applications for your program. We will continue this initiative for each summer and winter term.

To give you a better idea of some of the ways we drive students to these webpages, we use both a digital and traditional marketing strategy. For the digital side, we work closely with UCM to utilize social media platforms to put our content in front of our students. Global Initiatives also produces email marketing pieces, targeted to students who have either attended a study abroad fair in the past or opted into email communications online at the bottom of our homepage ( As for traditional marketing, we create pieces like sandwich boards, posters, postcards, etc. and distribute them widely.

Marketing for Faculty-Led Program Directors


Digital Screens

As for digital displays, you have two options.

  1. You can utilize the screens around campus to put program information in front of your prospective students. Learn more about Miami University digital display packages. Cost associated with this work can be expensed to your workshop index.
  2. You can also request that Global Initiatives displays your artwork in MacMillan Hall’s lobby at no cost. Send your artwork to Karen O'Hara ( to initiate this request.

If you need help designing artwork, Global Initiatives will create your artwork for you per your request.

Social Media

Share your photos: Hashtag #MiamiOHGlobal or tag Miami University Global Initiatives in your posts for a chance to be reposted.

Snapchat/Instagram Takeover: Did you know that many students participate in both Snapchat and Instagram story takeovers to share their experiences with others? Miami University’s Instagram account has nearly 50K followers (as of summer 2018) and many prospective students follow this account. If you’d like to run a takeover during your program this upcoming term, reach out to Karen O'Hara, Assistant Director for Communications & Marketing, Global Initiatives, so she can help coordinate.

PowerPoint Templates

From your classroom presentations to recruit students to your pre-departure sessions, you can transfer all PowerPoint presentations that are in old Miami branding to the updated PowerPoint templates. Student workers or volunteers are a great resource for these types of migration projects.

Download a template


Information Sessions, in person

Be sure list your information session on the University Localist Calendar. Tag your session as "Study Abroad" as a category so we can share the information on our website.

Information Sessions, virtual

To host a Virtual Information Session, set up a meeting in WebEx, Google Meet, or Zoom.

The Webex article Get Started with Cisco Webex Meetings for Hosts provides tips for those new to Webex.

Here are ways to publicize the information session.

  1. Send the link and access information for the Webex meeting you set up through a listserv maintained by your department and/or other departments with eligible students.
  2. Schedule a virtual information session* in Localist. 

    *Permissions to schedule virtual sessions are being rolled out in response to COVID. Request assistance from your divisonal communicator or Global Initiatives faculty-led coordinator if this option is not available to you.

    1. Under Experience, choose ‘virtual’ and provide the instructions to join your session.
    2. Under Events by Interest, choose ‘Global and International.’
    3. Under Groups, add ‘Education Abroad’ so we can share the information on our website.
      Detailed directions for adding events to Localist
  3. Request promotion of your event through Global Initiatives channels by completing this website update form.

Classroom Presentations

Many students cite classroom presentations as one of the major ways they first learned about their study abroad programs. Contact your colleagues teaching courses that are likely to have a targeted student audience, and ask for a few minutes of their class time to share information about your workshop. Get your name, your face, and your enthusiasm for your workshop out in front of a captive audience.

Posters/Sandwich Boards

Your posters should follow the Miami brand.

We’ve created a basic PowerPoint template for your use that includes the following:

  • Short URL
  • Title
  • No prices
  • No descriptions

The point of this poster is to drive students to your application page. If you need help creating a short user-friendly URL, email Karen O'Hara ( with your program's application link and she can help request a new one from IT for you.

Download the poster template

Printing Services

Utilize Miami’s printing services for your posters and other materials.

Important Items to Remember:

This is a Partnership

Remember, your program is a Miami University program! We want a true partnership between you and our office so please continue to work with us on the resources that are available. We want to help fill and promote programs that create transformative educational experiences that our students have abroad because of you. We appreciate your commitment and want to continue fostering this working relationship.

The Miami Brand

Following the Miami branding guidelines is important because your program represents the university as a whole. It's important for your digital and print materials to look professional and polished. Use these publicity resources to continue pushing in the right direction for compliance with the Miami brand.