International Peer Orientation Leaders (iPOL)

For the orientation program, all international students will be placed into small groups led by an International Peer Orientation Leader (iPOL). iPOLs are current Miami University students who can answer questions about campus life, academics, transitioning to Miami, and many other topics. Feel free to ask the iPOLs any questions you have about being a student! We hope that you have a great orientation experience and are interested in applying to be an iPOL in the future.

Fall 2021 Orientation iPOL Team


Isabella Corder

Hello friends! I am Isabella Corder, a junior at Miami University. I am from Toledo, Ohio, and am half Malaysian. What made Miami memorable for me was joining Asian American Association. There, I was able to find a community of people who share similar backgrounds to mine. The club has become my own on-campus family, and I was even able to serve on the exec board my sophomore year. This year, I am exploring more diversity organizations to broaden my horizons and meet new people from different backgrounds. So far, I am looking into UNIDOS, the Latin American org, and Spectrum, the LGBTQ+ org. If you have any questions about the variety of inclusive clubs you can choose from at Miami University, I am definitely one to talk to!

Naiyi Jiang

My name is Naiyi. I am a senior, majoring in Individualized Study and Sustainability. I am an international student from Chengdu, China. I really like my organization: Zero Waste Oxford. I made a lot of friends there and also found my passion, which is the study about the "environment". I am working on being a more disciplined learner since learning is a lifelong journey. Next semester will be my last semester on campus, can't wait to show you guys how great Miami is. I always believe that a positive mind can bring light to every corner. I know you will have a great time here in Miami. WELCOME!!

Jake Kravitz

Hello! My name is Jake Kravitz and I'm a third year Political Science major from Dublin, OH. In my spare time you can catch me playing a video game or catching up on the news. I'm currently involved in a variety of clubs on campus but one of the most surprising and fulfilling has been the Luxembourgish Students at Miami. As you settle in, I hope you get involved in the Miami community, stay open to new experiences and above all be as kind as possible along the way.

Nghia (Martin) Le

Hi I'm Nghia (Martin) Le, hailing from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and a sophomore majoring in Education Studies. I'm a pledge of Miami's Alpha Phi Omega chapter - Zeta Delta, a service fraternity that fosters leadership through community service. I also worked as a Resident Assistant last semester, so I can definitely give you a few tips on how to apply. Being an international college student is a challenging experience, especially for newcomers. My best advice for you is to never be afraid to ask for help and build a solid support system including friends, faculty, and even staff members. Everyone is rooting for your success!

Yonglin (Angel) Luo

Hello! My name is Angel Luo and I come from Guangzhou, China. I am a junior majoring in Emerging Technology in Business & Design and Marketing, also minoring in Human Capital Management & Leadership. One of the extracurricular activities I contribute lots of my time to is serving as a leader in C-Hope International Volunteering Organization. Volunteering brings me happiness and it is an opportunity to serve those who are in need in the community. "To think in such a place, I led such a life." Be bold about your decisions, because you always shine brighter than you think.

Yaxin Mao

Hi there! My name is Yaxin Mao, a sophomore majoring in Psychology with a minor in Film Studies. I come from Lanzhou, China. I am enthusiastic about video production, and I have been helping the university to create videos for different purposes in the past year. Preserving my stories and memories via these audiovisual archives helps me cope with stress and stay inspired; as you begin this new journey, I also encourage you to record your life in whatever medium. My piece of advice for you is to take the courage to change the things you can. Life is always about exploring, and I wish you the very best in your new adventure at Miami!

Quynh Anh Ngo

Hi guys! My name is Quynh Anh, and I am a Sophomore Marketing and Business Analytics Co-major from Hanoi, Vietnam. I'm currently Miami's Global Ambassador, assisting Miami faculty with international student recruitment process and giving prospective students a window into the college experience through panels and articles on Miami's website. My advice for incoming international freshmen would be don't hesitate to reach out for help, be open to different opportunities and make the most of your experience. I can't wait to welcome you all to Miami!

Sakshi Shah

Hello! I'm Sakshi Shah. I'm a junior studying Computer Science and I'm from Indore, India. Orientation was one of the most memorable times for me at Miami. I met my best friends there. For most of the students, it is the first time being on campus and meeting people that they're going to spend the next few years with. Hence, I want to make orientation fun, useful, and memorable for as many people as I can. That is why I decided to be a SOUL last summer and an iPOL for the second time this year! I try to be highly involved on campus and would recommend every student to do the same; take your time to settle into a new environment and then make wise use of the resources that Miami provides you. Good luck!

He (Catherine) Wang

Hey guys! My name is He Wang from Qingdao, China. I'm a rising junior majoring in accounting at Farmer School of Business. Miami University is very inclusive, and you can have many opportunities to explore and try different possibilities here. On campus, I served as an Undergraduate Assistant at FSB for one year to inspire students' insights into their projects and convey complex course concepts to help students' understanding. I like to talk with students to know their ideas, so feel free to say Hi! Welcome to Miami!

Shiyang Yu

Hi everyone! My name is Shiyang Yu. I am a senior double major in marketing and music. I am actively involved on campus: I play the harp in the symphony orchestra, and I am in four other organizations. One piece of advice I would give is to jump out of your comfort zone because we all learn our best when we are a little uncomfortable. Besides keeping the school work as your priority, join different clubs and try as many new things as you can. This is a great way to meet new people and enrich your college life! Welcome to Miami, here are the best four years to come!

Graduate Students

Parisa Adifar

Hi everyone. My name is Parisa Adlifar. I am a second-year Ph.D. student in the Literature program. I am an international student from Iran. I love traveling and exploring new places. I have been to 12 countries and experienced the beauty, food, and diverse histories of different regions. I believe traveling helps us recognize that we are all citizens of one world with different backgrounds. Living in a new environment is always challenging but having people and resources to connect will help you progress. Give yourself some time and do not take the initial feelings so seriously because they will all pass. What will remain will be a stronger version of yourself.

Jyoti Kashyap

Hello, I am Jyoti, a 5th year Ph.D. student in the microbiology department. I am originally from Mumbai, India. Being in grad school comes with its challenges, but my most rewarding moment has been when the undergraduates I mentor go on to do great things after gaining enough research experience in a lab setting. I enjoy teaching here at Miami and I would like to pursue it as a profession in my future. One piece of advice I'd like to offer is "Always speak your mind."

Nanci Reyes

Hi! I am Nanci Reyes, and I am Mexican. I'm a PhD student in the Geology Department, starting my second year in fall 2021. I like contact sports, and I joined to Miami Boxing club. I think that helps me to try different things, be braver, and develop more friendships. I've had memorable moments here because I´ve found really nice people who helped me to adapt me to my new life. So, I just want to tell you that you're going to find incredible people here and have memorable moments!

Anil Upreti

I am Ani Upreti, a third-year Ph.D. candidate in Biology. I am an international student from Nepal. While I am primarily here to further my research and degree goals, I have not neglected the opportunity to experience new cultures and meet people that I would not have at home, whether enjoying Thanksgiving dinner with American friends or pulling multiple all-nighters grinding for my research and lot more. As a vice-president of the Graduate student association, I enjoy hosting social events and advocating for graduate students. Finally," Don't hesitate to stretch your comfort zone. This is where the real growth takes place." Love and honor