Calendar indicating Tax Day

The filing deadline for 2022 taxes is April 18, 2023!

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All international students and scholars present in the U.S. during any portion of the past calendar year are required to file tax forms with the United States government.

A common area of confusion is the myth that international students and scholars do not have to submit taxes if no income was earned from a U.S. source such as wages from a job, scholarship funds, interest from a bank account, etc. This is not true! You must still file tax forms even if you did not earn any income from any U.S. source. Failure to file a U.S. tax return can result not only in penalties but also future immigration issues for international students.

Miami University provides access codes to students and scholars who received income from Miami to cover the costs of the primary Non-Resident tax forms created in the Sprintax software. ISSS and Miami University staff are not able to provide tax advice. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the individual to comply with tax requirements and deadlines. Be aware that many local offices providing tax assistance are not familiar with the specialized tax requirements for international students. It is recommended that any advice regarding taxes be sought out from an experienced professional who has knowledge of non-resident alien tax requirements.