Family Resources

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We understand that students moving to Oxford with a family have unique needs and will need more time and resources to adjust to the area. We hope this section will provide you with the resources you need to transition to life in Oxford. Please don’t hesitate to contact our office if there are questions or concerns you have about moving your family to the area.


Early Childhood Day Care and Education

Parents who are seeking childcare for their infant or child under five will need to find a person or center that meets their and their child’s needs. Sometimes child care can be arranged with an individual through websites like, or through a center like Mini University.

Children under the age of five are not required to attend school; however, some parents may chose to send their child to preschool, which is meant to help prepare them for future education. Generally since preschool is not required, it is also not free. Space can be limited and competitive in these programs. Parents wishing to enroll their child in a preschool program should begin searching and applying early.

Oxford Area Preschools

School for Students Ages 5–18

Miami University is located in the Talawanda School District. Within the Talawanda school district, there are three elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. Elementary schools are for students from ages 5–10. Middle schools are for students ages 11–13. High school is for students ages 14 - 18. Talawanda is a public schooling system, which means that they provide free education for students who live in the local area. Schools are funded by local taxes and funding from state and federal governments. Registration for new students is processed through Talawanda Central Registration.

In additional to public schools, in the U.S. there are also private schools available for families. Private schools are not funded through taxes and therefore cost money to attend. In the Oxford area there is one private school, the McGuffey Montessori School.

Butler County Educational Service Center

Miami University is located in the Butler County area. Butler County offers educational and support services for families in the region. Their services include early education programs, education services for children with special health needs, speech and occupational therapy services, summer camps and many others.


It is important to keep your family healthy during your time in the U.S. We hope that these resources will both aid in your transition to the area, as well as your family’s continued care during your studies.

Health Care Facilities

As a student, you have access to Miami’s Health Services Center on campus. Your dependents, however, may not use these services and will need to seek care off campus. Below is a list of facilities in Oxford that should be able to meet most of your basic health needs. If a doctor in the area cannot address your situation, you may be referred to a doctor or hospital in the surrounding area for treatment.


Students will be given any necessary vaccinations upon arrival to Oxford. If you would like your dependents to also receive vaccinations, you will need to arrange this with an off campus health provider. The Butler County Health Department participates in the Vaccines for Children program which allows them to provide childhood vaccines at very low cost. Ohio requires school aged children to receive certain vaccines in order to attend public schools. You can find the full list of required vaccinations on the Ohio Department of Health website.


There are many organizations in Oxford and the surrounding areas that may be helpful to you and your family during your time in the U.S. Here is a list of some support services offered in the area.

Oxford Family Resource Center

The Oxford Family Resource Center provides many social services to the residents of Oxford, and also has a thrift store where you can find discounted clothing and household items. Services offered include emergency financial assistance, services for English language learners, and financial coaching. They also provide information and referrals to services such as dental and medical services, formula and diapers, home repairs, affordable housing, legal aid, parenting and immunizations.

City of Oxford

The City of Oxford provides information related to water, trash, and sewer services, parking permits, citizen support, parks and recreation, and other general municipal services.

Parks and Recreation Services

The Parks and Recreation Services of Oxford provides information about local area parks and events in the Oxford area. The Parks and Recreation Services offers classes to kids and adults, as well as events like festivals, pool parties, and movie nights.

Lane Library

The Lane Library is a public library located in Oxford. In addition to the traditional services a library offers, Lane Library also has many events that may interest families. These include story time for young English language learners and their families, story and song time for toddlers, adult and teen book clubs, and access to technology services.

McGuffey’s Preschool Playground

This program is open and free to the community, and is an opportunity for children to come together to play and socialize. In addition to the playground, there is also a sandbox, playground, sports field, basketball court and art activities provided in the shaded picnic area.

Butler County Job and Family Services

The Butler County Job and Family Services provides services such as food, cash and medical assistance, publicly funded child care and employment assistance.

Butler County Educational Service Center

The Butler County Educational Service Center offers educational and support services for families in the region. Their services include early education programs, education services for children with special health needs, speech and occupational therapy services, summer camps and many others.

Butler Behavioral Health Services

The Butler Behavioral Health Services provides a wide range of behavioral health services for all ages, such as outpatient counseling, school based therapy, home based therapy, and crisis intervention.

The Center for Family Solutions

The Center for Family Solutions provide training, support services, and wellness activities to residents of Butler County who have dealt with domestic violence. Services are focused on being child focused and family friendly in an effort to help individuals heal and thrive after experiencing trauma as a result of abuse.

NAMI—Butler County

The National Alliance on Mental Illness’ mission is to improve the quality of life for families and individuals impacted by mental health disorders through education, support, advocacy and stigma reduction. Services include support groups, crisis support, and resources for families and individuals dealing with a mental health disorder.