ACE and Level 4 Completion

If you currently enrolled in the ACE program on the Oxford campus or Level 4 of the English Language Center program on the Middletown campus, your I-20 will expire at the end of this term. This means you need to update your I-20 to show you have finished ACE or Level 4 and will start your Bachelor’s degree.

What is the procedure for updating my ACE or Level 4 I-20?

  1. Login to your InterLink account
    1. Click on the blue login button. Login with your Miami unique ID and password.
    2. Navigate to “F-1 Student Services” located on the left side of the menu
  2. Select the correct e-form:
    1. ACE Students: Select “ACE Program Completion I-20 Update.”
    2. ELC Level 4 Students: Select “ELC Level 4 Completion I-20 Request.”
  3. Complete the e-form. You will need to answer questions about:
    1. Proof of funding. Note, you will need to upload recent evidence of funding. Personal or family funds is okay (ex. certificate of deposit). View the Expense Chart for guidance on the amount of funds.
    2. Travel plans over break
    3. Alternative non-Miami email account

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I forget to submit my ACE or Level 4 Completion I-20 Update request?

ISSS cannot issue you a new I-20 without this request. If you do not submit a complete request before the end of your 60 day grace period you will lose your legal status. ISSS asks that all requests be submitted no later than the start of the last month of the current term (May 1, August 1, or December 1) to ensure we are able to issue your new I-20 promptly after the end of the term.

Do I really have to provide proof of funding?

Yes, for ISSS to issue you a new I-20 for a Bachelor’s degree, government rules require that we verify proof of funding. It may be possible though for you to submit the documentation you provided at the time of admission provided it is dated recently and demonstrates that you or your family have sufficient funds.

When can I get my new Bachelor’s degree I-20?

ISSS will begin issuing these I-20s after final grades are official in Banner and we verify you have completed ACE or Level 4 of the English Language Center. Please allow ISSS at least two weeks after grade release to work on I-20 issuance.

What if I have left the U.S.? How can I get my new I-20?

In your “ACE or ELC Level 4 Program Completion I-20 Update” request, you will be asked about your break plans. Depending on those plans, you will be provided with more information on how you can submit an express mail request so that ISSS can send your documents to you (if you are leaving the U.S.). This information will be sent to your email after we issue your I-20. You must check your email during break! We will email your Miami email as well as the non-Miami email in your request that you provided.

Can I come back to the U.S. with my ACE or Level 4 I-20?

No, your I-20 expires at the end of the semester. The officer at the airport will not let you back into the U.S. with this document.

What if I do not graduate from ACE or Level 4?

As long as it is your first semester in ACE or Level 4 of the English Language Center, ISSS will automatically extend your I-20 provided that you have submitted a complete request.

  • Note: If you do not complete ACE or Level 4, you do not have a grace period so it is important you submit your request in InterLink by the deadline so we can extend your program if needed.