Introducing 'Intercultural Corner' Podcast

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Global Initiatives and the Office of Education Abroad are proud to announce the launch of Intercultural Corner, the official podcast of Global Initiatives at Miami University. Through interviews with faculty, students, and staff who learn by traveling the world and creating intentional global encounters, each week's episode will explore all the ways that faculty and students can connect with the world.

Hosts Dave McAvoy, Global Learning Coordinator, and Jacinta Spinola, master's candidate in Student Affairs in Higher Education (SAHE), envision the podcast to be a short, friendly conversation that will dive into key issues in global learning. They expect to alternate between faculty topics and student concerns.

In the inaugural episode "What Do We Miss Learning When We're Abroad?" Education Abroad advisors explore that “special sauce” that makes traveling so exciting for people who like to learn about the world around them.

Podcast episodes will also available at and on SoundCloud.