CAS Global Readiness Certificate Cohort Announced

Global Initiatives is pleased to introduce the latest Global Readiness Certificate Cohort, consisting of 26 students from the College of Arts and Science.

The Global Readiness Certificate (GRC) combines Miami coursework, co-curricular activities, and community involvement focused on global readiness. The courses and experiences in this certificate program provide students with the knowledge, awareness, and skills necessary for global and intercultural communication and teamwork.

According to Program Coordinator Alicia Castillo Shrestha, the Global Readiness Certificate was launched in the Fall of 2019 with a pilot cohort from the College of Education, Health & Society. "Along with the cohort from the Farmer School of Business, which launched in the spring of 2020, and our newest cohort from the College of Arts and Science, there are now over 50 scholars in the program. We hope to be able to offer the certificate to all students in each college or school very soon," she said.

Student Perspectives

Students participated in an orientation program during the weekend of January 30-31, and took time to share some of the goals and experiences that led them to pursue the GRC.

For many students, career interests lead them to apply for the GRC. History major and political science minor Quinn Sippola (Class of 2023) cited his interest in working in international relations. "GRC builds the foundation to work with people in other cultures and countries to to accomplish something together," he said. "And because I attended an international boarding school in my hometown, the chance to make connections with people from all over was something I wanted to continue."

Olivia Thomas (Class of 2024) holds a double major in International Studies and Spanish, with the career goal of working in immigration law. "Being able to cross cultures and be a global citizen was really appealing to me. And because I was born outside of the United States but raised here for most of my life, I'd like to know more about the history of my own culture."

Adrianna Parker (Class of 2023) noted the global intersection of her majors in emerging technology, business, and design (ETBD) and strategic communication. "There's user experience, and user interface research, and it's not just in one country. Apps are used everywhere, so we need to be able to take them from Ohio to the world." Parker also is looking forward to connecting with like-minded people and planning her education abroad/away experience, which is a cornerstone of the GRC.

About the Global Readiness Certificate

The Global Readiness Certificate is an innovative credential at Miami in that it combines coursework with co-curricular experiences, community engagement and education abroad into a unique and diverse learning environment for students.

Additionally, students benefit from a cohort model as they start the program with a group of their peers. However, the certificate itself is self-paced, so students are able to fit the requirements in on a timeline that works for their specific goals and graduation plan.

Students also benefit from the use of assessments and workshops that help give them the language and tools to gain or enhance their cultural consciousness and marketability as a global citizen.

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Navkiran Chima (Class of 2023), majoring in Political Science & International Studies, appreciates the many culturally diverse organizations and opportunities at Miami. "I grew up in California, then moved to a small rural town in Ohio, with much less diversity. At Miami, I made it a point to be involved in Diversity Affairs council and Indian Students Association, and just be around different people to hear perspectives and learn about other cultures."

Chima's career goals also led her to apply for the GRC. "I hope to be an international human rights lawyer, and I really like interacting with peers who share my interests and a love for humanity. The GRC gives me a chance to learn more skills that I can take abroad and into the real world."

Faculty Perspectives

Faculty Liaison for the Global Readiness Certificate, Dr. Katherine Day Good (Media, Journalism and Film) emphasizes that in today's interconnected world, building global and intercultural knowledge is increasingly essential to students' academic success, career aspirations, and civic engagement. "A unique strength of this program is that it allows students to develop global and intercultural competencies in connection with their major or areas of interest. In addition to participating in study abroad/away programs and building skills in intercultural dialogue, students can choose from a range of discipline-specific courses that explore global and intercultural dimensions of their field or a related field," she said.

Dr. Day Good's own experience with international education led to her growth as a student and later as an academic. After studying abroad for a year in high school, she sought out global and intercultural learning opportunities throughout college and received a Fulbright fellowship to travel to Mexico after graduation. "Those experiences set me on a path toward studying global media and communication in graduate school and brought me to Miami as a faculty member," she said. "One of the most important facets of college is the opportunities it gives students to broaden their cultural horizons and build relationships with people who hold different identities and perspectives. I'm excited to be part of a program that helps students do this in a structured way."

Like the students, Day Good recognizes the foundation the GRC credential provides for internships, jobs, research opportunities and graduate school. "I hope that when students graduate with the certificate, they feel motivated and ready to tackle complex challenges through the combination of academic preparation, specialized intercultural inquiry, and global experience that the program fosters," she said.


Introducing the Spring 2021 GRC Cohort


Julia Albesa
Alexis Bebout
Brandi Borkosky
Navkiran Chima
Lily Cota
Biken K Dawadi
Lauren Doll
Hila Eitam
Paige Fisher
Megan Foster
Rose Mauch
Holly Pappano
Adrianna Parker

Connor Pellegrini
Rafid Pranto
Kara Reynolds
Joey Rodriguez
Quinn Sippola
Hannah Sroka
Emily Templeton
Olivia Thomas
Marissa Tucholka
Sophie Weyn
Madeline Whistler
Joshua Wilmes
Maggie Wilson