The Howe Center for Writing Excellence is a team of faculty, staff, graduate students, and undergraduate students from a variety of disciplines who are committed to supporting the learning and teaching of writing at Miami University, and nationwide. 

Our mission is to ensure that Miami supports its students in developing as effective writers in college, and fully prepares all of its graduates to excel as clear, concise, and persuasive writers in their careers, communities, and personal lives.

We rely on research- and evidence-based principles to support writing, and we recognize that collaborating and innovating with interdisciplinary stakeholders across the university is essential to helping Miami students learn to write.

We pursue our mission through two key initiatives:

Howe Writing Center


Whatever type of assignment you’re working on, we'll help you practice, revise, and reflect on your writing. Start taking advantage of all the Howe Writing Center (HWC) has to offer today! Make an appointment.


HWC Consultants are eager to meet with you. Consultants come from a variety of academic backgrounds and are trained to ensure you get the help you need. Meet our team of consultants.

Driven by Research

We're committed to supporting writing in a way that's based on the latest research. Read more.

Howe Writing Across the Curriculum


We help faculty and graduate teaching assistants from all disciplines draw on their own expertise to accomplish their personal writing goals and teach their students how to write in their major. Learn more.


We understand that writing is different in every discipline, so we work collaboratively with faculty to forge best practices in writing across academic fields. Discover our Disciplinary Writing Guides.

Driven by Research

To teach writing effectively, we turn to methods that are supported by the latest research. Learn more about our empirically driven approach.