Suggested First Team Meeting Agenda

Below is a suggested agenda you could give teams to complete during their first meeting together, adding or deleting activities as relevant to your assignment.

Activities to complete at your first team meeting:

  • Exchange contact information.
  • Compare schedules to determine when and where you can meet each week (either physically or virtually) to review progress and/or write and revise together.  You may decide as you put together the detailed schedule and actually begin work that you won’t have to meet every week, but plan on a set time and reserve it now.
    • Note: You should plan to meet as a full group to review drafts of the document at those milestones in your schedule. The draft should be distributed before the meeting in time for people to review and have comments to discuss at the meeting. 
  • Talk over your strengths and weaknesses (from the Play to Your Strengths Handout) with the team and decide who will play what role. For the meeting roles, decide if you’re going to switch up roles for each meeting.
  • Create your project schedule and share with the team on Google Docs. Start from any due dates given by the instructor and work backwards to identify additional milestones/due dates. Include multiple meetings to review drafts together.
  • Decide who will create a Google Doc template (with formatted headings and outline, etc.) for your draft papers.  Have that person create the template and put it in your team folder. Having everyone use the same document and styles will make formatting the final document easier.
  • Before adjourning, make sure everyone is clear on what they’re doing next and when it’s due to the group.