Live Online Appointments

Make a Live Online Appointment

In Fall 2020, Live Online Appointments are available on a limited basis. With this appointment type, you'll talk with a consultant and share your work using video conferencing. 

To make a Live Online Appointment, go to the “Live Online” scheduling grid on WCOnline, choose a time slot to meet with an Howe Writing Center (HWC) consultant, and then fill out the Appointment Form. In a Live Online Appointment, you may either upload your work to your Appointment Form in advance or share it with your consultant at the beginning of the appointment using WCOnline’s “whiteboard.” You may also come to a Live Online Appointment without a draft to discuss an assignment or to brainstorm ideas.

When it’s time for your consultation, go to WCOnline and click on your appointment. Your appointment form will appear. Click on “start or join live online consultation.” You will then be taken to your appointment screen, where video conferencing will begin. Your consultant will meet you there.

If you have questions about any aspect of our Live Online consulting platform, please contact HWC Manager Kate Francis ( or Director Lizzie Hutton (

TIP: If your draft has complex formatting or graphics that are integral to your work, we recommend that you attach your draft to your appointment form as a Word doc or PowerPoint instead of uploading it to the WCOnline "whiteboard." Text uploaded to the "whiteboard" will not maintain original formatting. Your consultant can talk you through this process if you are having trouble or have questions.