Written Online Appointments

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Written online consultations are available to all Miami writers for the summer semester.  You can read the full instructions below to schedule an appointment and upload your work, or watch HWC consultants explain the process in this short video.

Note: Written online consultations are not "live"--they involve no real-time interaction (through video, audio, or chat) between a writer and a consultant. Instead, writers upload their work prior to a consultation and consultants spend the scheduled consultation time responding to this work in writing. Writers then receive this written feedback over email.

Scheduling Your Written Online Appointment

You have two ways to schedule written online appointments with us:

  1. Schedule one-time appointments. To do so, go to our WCOnline page and choose “ONLINE 2020” from the dropdown just below our logo, to the right of the week dates. Look for white boxes on the consultant schedules, which indicate open appointments. 
  2. Request a recurring appointment for 4 or more weeks. You can do this by filling out this form directly on our website. Please note: You must have created an account on our WCOnline page before you request a recurring appointment.

You can also inform us of any learning and technology accommodations or needs when you schedule.

An appointment form, described below, must be fully completed, with your paper draft uploaded, prior to your scheduled appointment.

Please note: Written online appointments are not "live"--they involve no real-time interaction (using video, audio, or chat) between a writer and a consultant. You will not need to be present during your appointment time. Instead, your consultant will spend this appointment time reading and responding to your paper in writing. You will then receive this written feedback via email.

We recommend that you reserve your spot on WCOnline BEFORE completing your Appointment Form. It can take some time to fill out the Appointment Form completely, but we don't want that to keep you from getting the time slot you want. Once you have filled out your basic demographic information, you can reserve your spot right away by clicking "Create Appointment" at the bottom of the Appointment Form. You can complete the rest of the form whenever you'd like, up to two hours before your scheduled appointment. To do this, return to your Appointment Form and click "Edit Appointment."

Schedule an Appointment

Completing Your Appointment Form and Uploading Your Draft

So that your consultant understands as much as possible about your writing project, a Written Online Appointment form requires more information from you than your form for an in-person appointment.

  • We ask that you describe your writing task or assignment in detail. What genre (or kind) of writing is this? What is the purpose of this piece of writing? And who is your intended audience? Related to these questions, you are welcome to upload assignment prompts, rubrics, or other relevant information.
  • We ask you to tell us where you are in your process. Is this a first draft or a revision? Also, is the draft complete or partial? 
  • We ask you to choose the areas of support you feel you will benefit you most at this time. We have provided a checklist of feedback types to guide your thinking. 
    • Please consider that consultants can spend only 45 minutes reading and responding to your draft, so you should limit yourself to no more than 2-3 areas of concern. If your draft is particularly long, please note the specific sections of your draft on which you’d like the consultant to focus.
  • We ask you to consider including a few questions, comments, or highlights in the draft you are uploading. The consultant reading this draft can then respond even more directly to your concerns. 
  • We ask you to tell us about any learning or technology accommodations or needs. 

Once you've completed the form questions, you should then upload the draft of your paper. You are also welcome to upload the prompt, grading rubric, other writer’s feedback—anything you think would be useful to your consultant. All uploaded files must be in doc or docx format only and 1 MB in size or smaller.  

Tips for converting files to a doc or docx of 1 MB or less

Provide ONLY Microsoft Word doc or docx, converting from other formats if necessary. Our online system does not accept drafts provided in PDF, RTF, or Google doc. If you’ve been working in a program other than Microsoft Word, please convert the document into doc or docx. Typically this function will be in the “File” dropdown of the program. 

In Adobe Acrobat, for example, you can convert a PDF to a doc by going to File -> Export To and choosing “Microsoft Word.” On Google Drive, you can download your Google doc as a Word doc by going to File -> Download and choosing Microsoft Word (docx.)

After converting to doc or docx format, your document may still exceed the 1 MB maximum file size allowed by WCOnline. If it does, the likely reason is any images in the file. To reduce the file size, first try lowering the resolution of images in the document. You can do this in Word by going to File -> Reduce File Size and then changing the "Picture Quality" to "Email (96 ppi)." If you find your file size still exceeds 1 MB, then you will need to reduce the size of your draft by deleting the images or graphics that are least essential to your consultant's understanding of your work. 

Upload up to three files. Again, all must be in doc or docx format and cannot exceed 1 MB

Updates to your appointment form can be made up to two hours prior to your consultation. Just log in to WCOnline and click “Edit Appointment.” 

Receiving Your Feedback

Because written online consultations are not "live"--involving no real-time interaction (through video, audio, or chat) between a writer and a consultant, you will not be present during your consultation. Instead, your consultant will spend the appointment time reading and responding to your work in writing.

At the end of your appointment time, you'll receive feedback via email in a Client Report Form. Your consultant may also give comments in the paper document itself, so be sure to check both the paper and the Client Report Form. Documents from your consultation will stay in your WCOnline account, so you may return to them whenever you'd like. 

When reviewing consultant comments, we encourage you to remember that feedback is based on the information you provided and the concerns expressed in your appointment form.

Canceling Your Appointment

If you need to cancel your appointment, please do so as soon as possible by returning to our scheduling system (see our canceling instructions).

No-Show Policy

If you do not upload your work prior to your scheduled appointment time, you will be marked a "no-show" and your appointment will be canceled.

After two “no-shows,”  you will not be able to schedule future appointments using our online platform for the remainder of the term, and must instead make an appointment by emailing our manager, Kate Francis, at francik@miamioh.edu.