Large Field-of-View Light Microscopy Imaging

Project Title: Large Field-of-View Light Microscopy Imaging

Project Lead's Name: Richard E Edelmann


Phone: (513) 529-5712

Please Choose the Primary Affiliation: CAS

Are There Other Project Team Members?: Yes

Other team member name: Dawn Blitz, Matthew McMurray

Project Details: We are looking to acquire a digital camera and software module to one of our existing light microscopy imaging systems and expand our teaching and research capabilities.

Problem Project Attempts to Solve: A number of ongoing projects (neurobiology, anatomy, summer scholars, capstones, independent studies, thesis, dissertation, DUOS projects) need light microscopy level resolution (sub-micrometer) over a large area (centimeters). We have systems to provide magnified high resolution with a large number of imaging condition options (bright-field, dark-field, DIC, Phase Contrast, fluorescence), however by virtue of the magnification the field-of-view is limited. The solution for this is to take an image, move the sample, take an image, move sample, etc. and then digitally merge the images. We have an existing light microscope system, fully computer controlled with a motorized stage and an available camera port. By adding a camera and a software module* the process of collecting images, relocating the imaging area, and stitching the images together and can fully "automated". The ZEN 2012 software module includes specialized subroutines for aligning and blending montaged images. [*Please note, the existing light microscope platform is part of an NSF funded $650K confocal system and its detectors can not capture full "normal" color images, which is why a camera is being requested, and the software is an add-on module to the confocal software]

Does this project focus on graduate student education or graduate student life?: No

Does it meet tech fee criteria?: By upgrading this system we can leverage the requested $13.5K into an equivalent $155K system to provide our students access to up-to-date technology, meet current scholarship needs and open future opportunities. Courses that will make use of the system: PSY 251 - Introduction to Biopsychology. This course enrolls about 100 students per year (including Fall/Spring on MUH campus with ~30 enrolled each term) Instructor: Barbara Oswald PSY 351 - Advanced Biological Basis of Behavior. Enrolls 30 students per year. Instructor: Matthew McMurray BIO 361 - Patterns in Development. Enrollment of 10-15 students per semester. Instructors: Michael Robbinson and Katia del rio Tsonis BIO 4xx\5xx - Current Methods in Neuroscience. New 400/500 level course, to be offered next year as part of the new neuroscience. The large area slide scanning would allow students could use the newly equipped Zeiss to look for injured neurons within a whole section of the spinal cord.

How will you assess the project?: The outcomes of this upgrade will shown in training of students in the use of the system, the use of the system to support courses, and any presentations and capstones that make use of the data generated.

Have you received tech fee funding in the past?: Yes

What results were achieved?: In 2011, CAMI applied for and received funding for an "Image Analysis Software Update." The software was purchased immediately after funding, installed and has been in regular used by 20-30 students per semester ever since.

Did you submit a final report?: Yes

What happens to the project in year two?: The camera and software will continue as an ongoing resource for the Center for Advanced Microscopy & Imaging (CAMI), who will teach, train, schedule, and maintain the system. CAMI is an open resource available 24/7 to all of the Miami Community. CAMI is currently used by over 315 users, from 13 departments and all three campuses. CAMI's operating budget and staffing is provide directly by CAS.

Software: ZEN Module Tiles / Positions (For ZEN 2012) - Carl Zeiss Microscopy, LLC Thornwood, NY, $3,799

Hardware: Axiocam 506 Color Camera - Carl Zeiss Microscopy, LLC Thornwood, NY, $10,322

Other, please explain: University Discount $ -635.45000000000005

Total Budget: $13485.549999999999

Comments: The requested camera and software will require no modifications of space or classroom utilization and will be added to the exiting system presently housed in 24B Upham Hall.