Project Title: CHEMCAD Server

Project Lead: Scott Campbell


Phone: (513) 529-0360

Affiliation: CEC

Other Team Member Names: Cathy Almquist, John Pearce Lewis

Project Details: Provide a dedicated server for remote access to ChemCad, a chemical process simulation program. This will allow students to access the server from their own laptops remotely at any time and any room while connected to Miami's network.

Problem Project Attempts to Solve: CPB uses an advanced simulation package that is licensed for education use and can only be installed on university owned machines. Currently, there are approximately 50 students who take Chemical Process Design each year in the Spring semester. Each spring semester, we struggle to find enough computer lab space for all students. ChemCad and its license are currently available only on Miami computers. We normally divide the class into two sections, just so the students can have access to a computer with ChemCad and its license for a few hours per week. However, with class sizes in CEC growing in all departments, computer lab space is very difficult to schedule. The dedicated server for ChemCad will allow students to connect to ChemCad using their own laptops through Miami's network, and it will allow students to work on ChemCad in a classroom setting rather than requiring a computer lab.

Does this project focus on Graduate Studies?: No

Does it meet tech fee criteria?: Currently, students cannot work on ChemCad from their own computers. This project will allow 50+ students per year work on Chemcad simultaneously from their own laptop computers. This will significantly facilitate student learning and make faculty time more efficient.

How will you assess the project?: Student utilization of the server can be monitored by hours of access.

Have you received tech fee funding in the past?: Yes

What results were achieved?: Projects regularly have high impact on students as they provide significant resources students rely upon.

Did you submit a final report?: Yes

What happens to this project in year two?: This hardware will be supported by CEC IT in their datacenter and has an expected lifespan of 4+ years.

Hardware: Dell R720 Server, $7,000

Total Budget: $7,000