Techsplaining 101: Top 5 IT Forms

Who doesn’t love a good form? Within the IT Services ticketing system, these are quick, easy ways to get information to us about your issues. When you fill out a form in the IT Help website, depending on which form it is, it can either get your issue escalated to a solver team or put in a request for assistance. They’re pretty handy to know about!

Let’s take a look at the top five forms you can use to request support or assistance of the IT variety:

Desk Phones Overview

Do you need to request a new desk phone for an incoming employee? Or maybe move one since someone on your team moved offices? Maybe you need to report a problem with a phone. Well, we have a one-stop shop for you:

Report a Wi-Fi problem

Are you (or a student you know) having issues with the Wi-Fi service in any of the buildings on campus? There’s a form for that!

For easy clicking: Go to and click on “Report an issue with your Wi-Fi.”

Or simply visit this form in the IT Help portal.

Reset Forgotten Password

If you need help remembering your password and have already attempted the recovery options at, we can help. Fill out this form to give us the information necessary to confirm your identity, ensure we have a method of contacting you, and choose the password you want us to reset.

Reset Forgotten Password

Request an Entity Account

These kinds of accounts are for groups of people and are not given to individuals. For instance, a student organization could request an entity account so that folks can email the organization directly instead of any one person associated with the group -- this helps make membership transitions easier. Another example would be the email to which you forward “phishy” emails. Messages sent to this address are received by all members of the Information Security team, so communication doesn’t get lost in any one person’s inbox.

Requesting an Entity Account is as easy as going to the form. But remember: You need two people associated with the account. (Read more about account types in our recent Techsplaining piece!)

Request an Entity Account

Request a new Web Alias

Student organizations, departments, and divisions can request a custom URL be appended to in order to facilitate folks finding your organization -- it also makes marketing materials infinitely easier to print!

(Hot tip: Go to for all the info you need and want about IT Services at Miami!)

Request a new web alias

Onward and upward!

These are only a few of the forms available in the IT Knowledge Base.

Don’t forget to check out (another handy web alias!) for information about upcoming work and ongoing IT issues.