Digital Resources

Among other projects, we create digital resources, including our mobile apps, that advance the Center's goals.

We also gather community-oriented web resources for members of the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma and others interested in our research.


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Myaamia Language Learning App

Niiki house logo. Left side: Practice Right side: Play

Niiki (‘my home’) will bring daily Myaamia home language to your fingertips. The app delivers over 200 sound files and example sentences for rooms throughout your home.

You can test your Myaamia language knowledge by turning off the English text in the app.

Download the app from Apple's App store or the Google Play store.

Rooms of the house

Rooms of the house include:

  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Bedroom
  • Dining Room
  • Living Room
  • Outside
  • Nursery

Release notes

  • Initial Release: September 2012
  • Updated: 2013 and 2017
  • Status: Available

The original iOS app was developed in the 2011-12 academic year at Miami University by Dr. Douglas Troy’s CSE Capstone class.

The Myaamia Center partnered with Dr. Troy’s capstone class in 2013 to create an Android OS version and update the iOS app. In 2017, Dr. Troy’s class worked to bring both versions up to date.

New features in the latest update include a nursery room, flashcards to help you test your knowledge, a pronunciation guide, and the story eehonci kiintoohki pyaawaaci myaamiaki (Where the Miamis First Came From) with optional audio. Updated to run on Android 8 (Oreo) and iOS 11.

Sound recordings by Daryl Baldwin, Director of the Myaamia Center and Jarrid Baldwin, Community Language Program Coordinator for the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma. Photographs included in the app are by Andrew J. Strack, Karen L. Baldwin, and Jonathan M. Fox.

Project Participants

  • Dr. Douglas Troy: Computer Science, Miami University
    • Student Programmers (v1): Brian Thuma, Brandon Carter, Alexi Chow, Sean Hannon
    • Student Programmers (v2): Dave Greiner and Burt Haworth
    • Student Programmers (v3): Elizabeth Barrord
  • Daryl Baldwin: Director, Myaamia Center
  • George Ironstrack: Asst. Director, Myaamia Center
  • Andrew J. Strack: Technology and Publications Office, Myaamia Center
  • Jonathan Fox, Director, Media & Technology, Myaamia Center
  • Kristina Fox, Education & Outreach Assistant, Myaamia Center

ILDA Dictionary App

Myaamia-Peewaalia Dictionary

ILDA Dictionary App Icon

The ILDA Dictionary app has been updated to include the Myaamia-Peewaalia 'Miami-Illinois' language! This app is able to search for any term in English or myaamia, browse the entire dictionary alphabetically, and submit requests for terms that might be missing. Currently available for iOS and Android devices.

Download the app from Apple's App store or the Google Play store.


  • Dr. Douglas Troy – Computer Science, Miami University
  • Student Programmers –  Zach Haitz, Amlaan Shakeel, Chiraketu Pandey
  • Daryl Baldwin – Director, Myaamia Center
  • George Ironstrack – Asst. Director, Myaamia Center
  • Andrew J. Strack – Technology and Publications Office, Myaamia Center
  • Jonathan Fox – Communication & Publications Office, Myaamia Center

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