Miami is Spoken

Publication cover with title and authors

myaamia iilaataweenki ("Miami is Spoken") is a two-part, audio CD set that comes with a companion booklet.

These CDs include pronunciations of an assortment of terms in the Miami-Illinois language:

  • Vocabulary
  • Phrases
  • Conversation
  • Miami origin story
  • Richardville’s version of the Lord's prayer

The content and format of this product came about at the request of language students who wanted an audio resource organized by semantic domain.


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  • Gary Spencer: Miami University student (production)
  • Julie Olds: Miami Tribe of Oklahoma (voice)
  • George Strack Sr.: Miami Nation of Indiana (voice)
  • Daryl Baldwin: Miami Tribe of Oklahoma (voice)
  • Scott Shoemaker: Miami Nation of Indiana (voice)
  • Jarrid Baldwin: Miami Tribe of Oklahoma (voice)

Learn These Terms

  • Time and numbers
  • Weather
  • Directions
  • Foods and household objects
  • Body parts and clothing
  • Color terms
  • People terms
  • Tribal names and kinship
  • Mammals, birds, insects, fish, amphibians, and reptiles