Miami Global Plan for Liberal Education prepares students for global future

Starting in fall 2022, all new Miami students will complete the revised Miami Global Plan for Liberal Education.

Students will benefit from a more cohesive narrative about the value of a liberal education and how the Miami Global Plan (MGP) helps to prepare them for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.Miami Global Plan chart

The MGP experience helps students develop transferable skills in four Pillars:

• civic-mindedness and social engagement.

• collaboration and innovation.

• communication and expression.

• critical and integrative thinking.

Students will complete coursework in four “Perspective Areas” which includes the new Diversity, Equity & Inclusion requirement. They will also choose one of five Signature Inquiry themes for exploring crucial global issues across a variety of disciplines. Their Miami Global Plan will culminate in the “Knowledge in Action” component which includes their student-directed Senior Capstone and an Experiential Learning opportunity.

The plan complements specialized study in the major and culminates in a Miami Moments archive of Projects and Reflections — a personalized way for students to reflect on, and showcase, their entire educational experience.

Members of the Miami community can visit the revised Office of Liberal Education website for information related to the curricular revision and all information required for them to understand the Miami Plan requirements specific to their calendar year.