The time is now to upload Covid-19 vaccination status

Oct. 15 is the deadline for exemption forms


A green check means you are in compliant with your vaccination documentation for Miami's requirement. You can see your status when you log into MyMiami.

Friday, Oct. 15, is the deadline for employees and students who want to apply for a medical or non-medical exemption from Miami University’s COVID-19 vaccine requirement.


Employees must request an exemption through a separate process using one of the following forms:

All Employees: Request Medical Exemption or Deferral

Request exemption for sincerely held religious beliefs or for reasons of conscious (philosophical or ethical reason)


Students must complete a brief Healthy Together 2021 educational module to access the exemption form. The module will take approximately 10 to 15 minutes to complete. The exemption form is available upon completion of the module. There are separate forms for medical exemptions/deferrals and non-medical exemptions. 

Exemption reviews may take 10-14 days or longer. The deadline for submitting a request for exemption or deferral is October 15.

Monday, Oct. 25, is the deadline to submit COVID-19 vaccination documentation

Not sure if you uploaded your vaccine documentation correctly?

Log in to to check the status of your documentation or exemption. Be sure to check the "as of" date and time. If you have taken action since that time the record will not reflect the change.

You will also see compliant status in MyMiami. A green check means your records are up-to-date.
Employees who submitted prior to September 2021 may need to re-submit to include the COVID-19 vaccination card.

Still need to upload your vaccine information? Do it by Oct. 25