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Miami Media Highlights, Nov. 8-Nov. 14

 The Rheumatologist, Nov. 14: Asymmetrical Laughter by a Provider Erodes Trust

This article is written by Cameron Hay-Rollins, professor of anthropology, on research conducted on asymmetrical laughter and medical providers.

StreetBlogUSA, Nov. 11: Talking Headways Podcast: Streets are Not Just Pipes

This podcast features David Prytherch, professor of geography, in which he discusses his recent journal article in Urban Geography, ‘Reimagining the physical/social infrastructure of the American street. Additional reports on this topic appeared in: 

Science News for Students, Nov. 11: What can ‘silent earthquakes’ teach us about the next Big One?

This article reports on slow slip events (silent earthquakes) and how they occur. Michael Brudzinski, professor of Geology and Environmental Earth Science, is quoted. 

Journal News, Nov. 10: Butler County Veterans Day events set for Thursday

This article reports on Veterans Day events happening across Butler county, including a Veterans Day Reflection event at Miami University’s Hamilton Campus.

Volt, November 9: Triaging Our Talent

This article written by Jaime Hunt, vice president and chief marketing/communications officer, reports on why higher ed should reprioritize to retain and attract top talent. 

Yahoo Finance, Nov. 8: Oscar-nominated, ‘Django Unchained’ film producer/director honored by Miami University for his work

This article reports on Miami University’s Freedom Summer of ‘64 Award being given to Reginald Hudlin at their annual Freedom Film Festival which honors those who have inspired civil rights and social justice activism in America. President Gregory Crawford is quoted. Additional reports on this topic appeared in: 

Domtar, Nov. 8: We Celebrate National STEM Day and Support Students’ Futures

This article reports on National STEM Day Domtar’s commitment to STEM students at Miami University.