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Major Insight

College can be both exciting and daunting, especially for new or prospective students who are unsure about their future. So, for those who feel lost, need advice, or are simply seeking inspiration, Major Insight is the podcast about successfully exploring and navigating college.

Episodes feature open and honest conversations with accomplished students who share real stories about choosing majors, getting involved, making friends, overcoming common fears, and more. Find your place and purpose on campus, and listen to Major Insight wherever podcasts are found.

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This Is Howe We Do It

"This is Howe We Do It” is a podcast from the Howe Center for Writing Excellence at Miami University of Ohio where teachers and students talk about writing and teaching writing. Each episode features a conversation about a different genre of writing (e.g. ePortfolios) or discussion of writing (e.g. AI and writing), offering a way to learn from our guests’ experiences and perspectives as writers and teachers as they reflect on their process for composing and/or teaching.

This is Howe We Do It

Phantom Power

Phantom Power explores sound in the arts and humanities. Hosted by media scholar Mack Hagood, the podcast presents the sounds and ideas of artists, technologists, producers, composers, ethnographers, historians, cultural scholars, philosophers, and others working in sound. We are funded through a generous grant from the Miami University Humanities Center and The National Endowment for the Humanities.

Beyond High Street

The Beyond High Street podcast has bi-weekly conversations with top-notch Miami University alumni exploring the common traits that bring people to Oxford, Ohio and how that helped them with their professional successes.

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Neepwaantiinki: Stories from Myaamia Revitalization

Neepwaantiinki ‘Learning from Each Other:’ Stories from Myaamia Revitalization, is a podcast produced by the Myaamia Center. The show discusses the 50-year relationship between the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma and Miami University, explores how the Tribe and university learn from each other, and explains how this relationship impacts the revitalization of Myaamia language and culture.

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Stats + Stories

Statistics need Stories to give them meaning. Stories need Statistics to give them credibility. Every Thursday John Bailer, Richard Campbell, and Rosemary Pennington get together with a new interesting guest to bring you the Statistics behind the Stories and the Stories behind the Statistics.

Stats + Stories

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