Headline Highlights: Miami and Miamians in the news in June

 Compiled by university news and communications

Miami Media Highlights displays selected media placements of contributions by Miamians and the local and global impact of the university. Updated weekly, it is accessible on the Miami News website.

Our editors' picks for June provide a snapshot of recent news media coverage: 

New York Times, June 1: New & Noteworthy, From Hidden Treasure to a Relic of Slavery

  • Daisy Hernández’s new book, The Kissing Bug: A True Story of a Family, an Insect, and a Nation’s Neglect of a Deadly Disease, is highlighted in this New York Times Book Review section. It also appeared in the SF Chronicle,, and other media outlets.   

Times News Express, June 2: Millennial are soul-searching. Baby boomers are retiring early. Gen X, stuck in the middle and cynical as ever, is learning to love the status quo

  • Megan Gerhardt, professor of management and leadership, is quoted in this story about Gen Xers staying put in their jobs as the pandemic fades, a function of middle age mixing with generational identity.

University, June 2: Until we tame ‘digital sprawl,’ change fatigue is here to stay

  • President Gregory Crawford explains how higher education leaders must move to continuous planning and change our structures to address student and societal needs more immediately in this article about university leaders reflecting on the past year and a half. 

U.S. News & World Report, June 2: Hundreds of lakes in U.S., Europe are losing oxygen

  • This story about a new research study that shows oxygen levels have dropped in hundreds of lakes in the United States and Europe over the past four decades quotes Craig Williamson, Ohio Eminent Scholar of Ecosystem Ecology, one of the study co-authors.

Inside Higher, June 3: Navigating Change

  • In this Call to Action: Marketing and Communications in Higher Education blog, Jaime Hunt, vice president and chief marketing and communications officer, writes about how now is an ideal time to reevaluate how we operate and make real progress with minimal resistance. 

Inside Higher Ed, June 9: Legislating against critical race theory

  • Katherine Cho, assistant professor of educational leadership, is quoted in this article about how the academic concept of critical race theory has become so politicized.

Forbes, June 14: 14 Keys to taking risky moves in business

  • President Gregory Crawford and other leaders on the Forbes Business Council share how they handle risky business moves to help other leaders faced with a risky decision. 

NBC, June 15: Critical race theory battle invades school boards — with help from conservative groups

  • Kevin Reuning, assistant professor of political science, is quoted in this article about how prominent Republican political figures are rushing in to support the anti-critical race theory parent activists, hoping that these local battles with school boards will mobilize conservative voters. 

NPR/WVXU 91.7, June 18: New Oxford Historical Marker honors lynching victims

  • Anthony James, interim vice president for institutional diversity and inclusion, is interviewed in this article about the historical marker unveiled June 21 in Oxford’s  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Park and how it is the culmination of several years of work by Miami’s Truth and Reconciliation Project. 

CBS News Special, June 18: CBS News Special: America Changed Forever 

  • Rodney Coates, professor of global and intercultural studies, is interviewed by CBS correspondent Jeff Pegues about the history of Juneteenth. More interviews with Coates include BNC Prime with Charles Blow and KYW-AM Philadelphia. 

Washington Post, June 18: The government screwed up the American rail system. Now it can make amends.

  • This article about the role government has played in determining the fate of railroads mentions that Oxford and Miami University have pledged $700,000 for construction and planning of a multimodal transit operations hub for a potential new Amtrack stop. 

Dayton Business Journal, June 18: An early glimpse at Miami University's first new academic building in more than a decade

  • This article is about Miam’s new Clinical Health Sciences and Wellness facility, which is under construction and scheduled to be completed by Fall 2023., June 18: How to trick your mind into getting over someone you thought was the one 
  • Amy Summerville, associate professor of psychology, is quoted in this story about the regret of inaction.

Newsweek, June 21: New York, Florida 'Least Patriotic' States in U.S., Study Shows

  • Shelia Croucher, University Distinguished Professor of global and intercultural studies, is quoted in this article about a new study that used 13 different metrics to determine which states have the highest rates of civic engagement and military engagement.

Forbes Business Council Post, June 24: Be Human First: The robot-proof human trifocal

  • President Gregory Crawford writes about how building on a liberal arts foundation with design thinking and an entrepreneurial passion can ensure a robot-proof career.  

NPR/WVXU 91.7, June 24: New grant helps Oxford workforce development center move forward

  • Randi Thomas, vice president of Advancing Strategy, Partnerships, Institutional Relations and Economy (ASPIRE), is interviewed in this story about the planned College@Elm center and a new $1.5 million Vibrant Community Grant from JobsOhio. 

Essence Magazine, June 25: When We Talk About Black History, We Must Include Music

  • Tammy Kernodle, University Distinguished Professor of Music, is interviewed for this story about abow Black music is not only a thread in the fabric of African-American history, over time it has shaped many of the pop culture movements we see across society. 

Forbes, June 25: Four tips for infusing positivity into your leadership style

  • Jaime Hunt, vice president and chief marketing and communications officer, writes about how positivity is a multiplier that helps employees to be their best selves., June 28: Video games could hold untapped potential in the treatment of mental illness

  • Story about new research that suggests that video games might hold the key to providing affordable, stigma-free mental health treatment around the globe includes comments by Glenn Platt, director of Emerging Technology and Design.
A three-part Pride series on Cultural Leadership in LGBTQ+ Marketing:

Forbes, June 1: Representing 50 shades of gay in the LGBTQ+ marketplace 

  • Gillian Oakenfull, associate professor of marketing, writes about how the LGBTQ+ market is currently the fastest-growing consumer market in the United States and is on target to grow by millions in the U.S. in the next few years as GenZennials and Millennial identify as LGBTQ+ in more significant numbers than previous generations. 

Forbes, June 8: Talkin’ ‘bout the genderation within LGBTQ marketing 

  • Gillian Oakenfull, associate professor of marketing, says that as marketers wrestle with how to authentically represent the diversity within the LGBTQ+ population, they should begin by recognizing and understanding these significant generational differences in LGBTQ+ identity and expression termed "Genderation.'' 

Forbes, June 29: Corporate Authenticity Prohibits LGBTQ+ “Pride And Divide” Spending

  • Gillian Oakenfull, associate professor of marketing, writes about how companies who funded the anti-LGBTQ+ politicians while courting LGBTQ+ consumers fail to recognize a few essential updates on LGBTQ consumers.