Financial Aid for Study Abroad

For students that want to study abroad, there are numerous program options available. Visit Education Abroad, which provides an introduction to the resources offered, how to search for a study abroad program, and information about scholarship opportunities and other funding options. Schedule an appointment with a study abroad advisor to determine the feasibility of the program and whether it fits your academic and/or career goals.

Finally, students should meet with a staff member in the One Stop to discuss financing options. To receive financial aid, students must be enrolled full-time for a fall or spring semester study abroad program. Winter and Summer aid awards are based on any remaining financial aid eligibility from the current academic year.

Study Abroad Programs

Study abroad programs that fall under the category of Co-Sponsored or Exchange permit students receiving Miami scholarships and grants to apply those funds toward the cost of their program. Students participating in Approved study abroad programs are not eligible to apply their Miami scholarships or grants toward the program. For students receiving federal aid that want to apply those funds toward the program, a Consortium Agreement is required and must be completed and submitted to the One Stop.

Faculty-led and MUDEC (Luxembourg) programs also allow students to utilize their Miami scholarships and grants toward program costs. The Luxembourg Program has many scholarships available, and all students who have a FAFSA application on file will be considered for these scholarships upon acceptance into the program. Learn more about Luxembourg scholarships by visiting Luxembourg Program.

Students receiving federal student aid can also utilize those funds toward Faculty-led and MUDEC (Luxembourg) programs and a consortium agreement is not required.

To be considered for federal financial aid, students should submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online by the deadline for priority consideration. Verification documents (if applicable) must be completed for students selected for federal verification before any federal funds can be applied to a study abroad program.

For students receiving federal aid and participating in a year-long program that requires a consortium agreement, a separate agreement will need to be submitted for each semester.

Program and Financial Aid Information

Program and Financial Aid Information
Program Type Consortium Form Needed Aid That Applies to Program Types
Miami Scholarships Federal Aid and Private Loans State Aid
Approved Non-Miami  Amounts and eligibility varies and is determined by program and campus
MUDEC (Luxembourg)
Studying within the U.S.

Winter and Summer Study Abroad

Federal financial aid eligibility is based on the number of credit hours the student is enrolled in and the financial aid already received for fall and spring semesters. Students studying through a Miami winter or summer workshop will have their eligibility for financial aid determined automatically, after registering for courses. If the winter or summer program is not offered by Miami University, the Study Abroad Consortium/Contractual Agreement must be completed before Miami can determine financial aid eligibility.

Disbursement of Funds

Students that have finalized their aid for the semester in which their study abroad will take place will have their financial aid funds disbursed to their Bursar account in accordance with Miami's disbursement schedule.

Aid for students studying in Approved programs will be disbursed 10 days before their program start date.