Steps to Finalize the Financial Aid Award

  1. Under My Bill and Aid (in myMiami), review the information under My Financial Aid.
  2. Review the "Alerts" and "Outstanding Requirements" sections and submit any missing items. Missing items will delay aid and could disrupt enrollment. If you are selected for verification, return all requested documents listed as outstanding.
  3. Accept or decline aid as appropriate.
  4. Enroll full-time to receive full-time aid.
  5. For students not enrolled full time, use the "Report your enrollment plans - Required if less than full-time or a December graduate" link to notify us of enrollment plans. Full-time status for undergraduate students is 12 or more hours each semester. Full-time status for graduate students is 9 or more hours each semester. Awards are based on full-time enrollment for fall and spring.
  6. Report non-Miami scholarships and other aid that is not reported on the award notice by selecting "Report your outside scholarship or fee waivers", under My Bill and Aid (in myMiami).
  7. To avoid a late charge or class cancellation, respond to the statement by listing any funds that may be received, or pay the bill in full by the due date. Check our calendar for due dates.

First-year students, first-time borrowers, or new transfer students who are receiving Direct Loans must sign the Master Promissory Note (MPN) and complete Entrance Counseling at For more information, see Loans.

Changes to Financial Aid Awards

Students must notify the One Stop of any other aid they will receive, including fee waivers, assistantships, tuition assistance, and scholarships from other sources. Notification may be sent to us through “Register an Additional Payment for the Upcoming Semester” under My Bill and Aid (in myMiami).

If a student receives a fee waiver, the financial aid award will be revised after we receive official confirmation of the fee waiver. If a student receives athletic grant assistance, the financial aid award will be finalized after we receive confirmation from the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics.

Students may be asked to provide additional documentation as part of a federally mandated verification process. Students selected for verification will not receive their aid until the verification process is complete. Read more about the federal verification process and acceptable IRS documentation.

If a student's financial aid changes, the student will receive an email notification that awards were revised. Every effort will be made to adjust a student's aid prior to the disbursement of funds. In some cases, our office may have to return federal or state funds a student receives that exceed financial need. This could result in the student owing a balance. We reserve the right to review and revise a financial aid award due to the following circumstances:

  • Changes in available funding
  • FAFSA adjustments
  • Enrollment changes (add/drop classes)
  • Housing plan or living arrangement changes
  • Revisions affecting award eligibility
  • Changes resulting from verification
  • Additional sources of financial aid
  • Residency and/or Miami campus changes
  • Failure to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress

A student may request a review of aid eligibility if the family's financial situation changed since filing the FAFSA. To see if your circumstances qualify for review, please contact the One Stop at 513-529-0001,, or visit us in the Campus Avenue Building.