Add or Drop a Course

The process for adding or dropping a course depends on the time of the semester. Students should visit Miami University’s academic calendar for important dates and deadlines. 

Please note that adding or dropping courses may have an impact on financial aid and/or charges that appear on your bill. More information is available on our Enrollment Change Affects Financial Aid and Part-Time vs Full-Time Enrollment and Impact on Student Health Insurance pages. 

International Students: If you are withdrawing from a course, please be sure that you are still enrolled in at least 12 credits (undergraduate) or nine credits (graduate) to maintain your legal status. At least nine of the 12 credits you are taking must be in-person courses; only three credits of hybrid or online coursework may count towards full-time enrollment for undergraduate students. For graduate students, at least six of the nine credits you are taking should be in-person courses. Please contact International Student and Scholar Services if you have questions about enrollment and maintaining your legal status.

How do I add a class during web registration?

When web registration is open, students can add a course themselves if there is space available in the class and there are not any restrictions on who is permitted to register for the course. To add a class through Banner Self Service:

  1. Log into Banner Self Service
  2. Select “Registration”
  3. Select “Register for Classes”
  4. Select the term from the drop-down menu and then click the “Continue” button
  5. Select a term and then click “Submit”
  6. Select “Find Classes” to find the course
  7. Once a course is identified, click the “Add” button from the “Add” column and then click “Submit”

How do I drop a class during web registration?

When web registration is open, students can drop themselves from courses. Check the academic calendar to find the specific dates when web registration closes. The calendar will denote “Last Day to Register (Add/Drop) in Banner Self Service” on the dates when web registration closes for each term. Please note that deadlines vary depending on the term and length of course (full semester course vs sprint course, etc). To drop a class in Banner Self Service:

  1. Log into Banner Self Service
  2. Select “Registration”
  3. Select “Register for Classes”
  4. Select the term from the drop-down menu and then click the “Continue” button
  5. Locate the course in the “Summary” pane
  6. Under the “Action” column select “WEB Drop” from the drop-down menu
  7. Click “Submit”

Should I drop a course before I add another course in its place?

You should make sure that you are able to add a course before you drop a course, particularly if dropping the course takes you below full-time status and you intend to remain at full-time status. If you are attempting to change sections of a course, you must drop your current section before adding the new section.

How do I drop a class after web registration closes?

After web registration closes, students must ask the course instructor to drop them. Check the academic calendar for the specific drop deadlines. Students are encouraged to email their instructor before the deadline to allow time for the instructor to receive and act upon their request. When the instructor completes the drop request, the student and instructor will receive an email confirming the drop.

How do I drop a class after the drop deadline?

After the deadline to drop a course with a “W” grade has passed, students are expected to complete the class. Students with documented extenuating circumstances may contact their divisional advising office to discuss a petition.

Why do I see a registration error or restriction?

Visit our Registration Restrictions and Error Messages page for more information.

I have a registration hold on my account. What do I do?

Visit our Holds page for more information.