AP, IB, and CLEP Credit

Information about the test scores and subjects for which Miami University awards credit can be found in the General Bulletin. Miami recognizes the following: 

AP (Advanced Placement)
AP credit is awarded to students who, while in high school, took advanced placement courses and earned an advanced placement test score high enough to qualify for college credit.

IB (International Baccalaureate)
Miami awards credit to
IB diploma graduates for higher level subjects passed at a satisfactory level (minimum scores vary from 5 to 7 by subject area). Standard levels are not awarded credit.

CLEP (College Level Examination Program)
CLEP credit is awarded for satisfactory scores on some CLEP Subject Examinations. Satisfactory scores and the credit awarded vary by subject area.

How do I send AP/IB/CLEP credit to Miami?

AP, IB, and/or CLEP scores should be sent to the Office of the University Registrar directly from the testing organization for evaluation. For more information on sending scores, visit the below websites:

How is AP/IB/CLEP credit applied to my record?

AP/IB/CLEP scores are reviewed by the Office of the University Registrar and appropriate credit is placed on your academic record. Once this process is complete, the Office of the University Registrar emails you if you have been awarded AP/IB/CLEP credit. The email includes information on how you can check your academic transcript or DAR in BannerWeb to view the credit awarded. Miami typically receives AP and IB scores during the summer.

Will I be charged for credit hours resulting from AP/IB/CLEP credit?

You are not charged tuition and fees for credit hours resulting from AP, IB, or CLEP credit. However, there is a fee for each CLEP examination. You are encouraged to take only those examinations for which you have had the equivalent of a college course.

What should I do if I registered for a course for which I have been given AP/IB/CLEP credit?

In cases where you have already registered for a course for which AP/IP/CLEP credit has been awarded, you may adjust your course schedule during the open registration period. The registration system DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY DROP registered, duplicate credit courses where AP/IB/CLEP credit has been granted. This is your responsibility to handle. You are strongly encouraged to contact your Academic Advisor for guidance.

What if I took AP/IB/CLEP courses but I don't see any credit on my record?

Be sure you requested to have your AP/IB/CLEP scores sent to Miami. If you did not have your scores sent to Miami, request that they be sent using the below information. If you did have them sent, email the Transfer Credit Evaluations staff at transfercrediteval@miamioh.edu.

  • AP: Access your scores and your score-send history on the College Board website.
  • IB: Information about requesting scores can be found on the IB website.
  • CLEP: Information about sending scores is available on the CLEP website.

Who can I talk to about my AP/IB/CLEP credit?

Questions about how credit has been awarded and what course should substitute for registration drops due to AP/IB/CLEP credit should be directed to your Academic Advisor.

Where can I take a CLEP exam?

Miami’s Hamilton campus operates an open CLEP testing center, which means tests are offered to university students as well as to members of the community who are not enrolled at Miami. Miami’s Middletown and Oxford campuses do not currently offer CLEP testing. The CLEP exam can be taken at any testing site and the score reported to Miami. Contact Miami Hamilton, Tutoring and Learning Center (TLC) for information about CLEP.