Detailed Agreement Checklist

 students in ghana
 teacher and student working in a lab
students talking
 graduates with caps and gowns on

Use the checklist below to guide the development of the detailed agreement.  Not all items on the checklist may apply.

Category Items Applicable Not Applicable
General Purpose of agreement
Duration of articulation agreement; termination
Legal provisions
Terms of admission Grade point average requirement
Test score requirement
English proficiency requirement
Required forms
Application fee
Specific major requirements
Dual admission
Tuition and fees Tuition and fee structure
Transfer credit Course equivalency determination
Provision of course equivalency processes
Transfer credit evaluation processes
Transfer credit evaluation timeline
Responsible party for administering credit
Students Student rights and responsibilities

Student support services, including:

  • Academic advising
  • ESL services
  • Disability services
  • Learning assistance and tutoring
  • Veterans services
Target or maximum number of students
Marketing and promotion Rights and responsibilities of sending institution
Rights and responsibilities of receiving institution
Exchange balance target and management