MBA Program | Farmer School of Business - Miami University

Safety Tips

Warm Weather Safety

  • Don’t leave personal belongings unattended while outdoors
  • Lock bicycle when not in use
  • Walk, ride, or jog with a companion
  • Lock all doors and windows, never prop a door or window open
  • Report all suspicious activity to Police

Fall Safety

  • Walk with a friend
  • Promptly report sexual violence
  • Pay attention to your surroundings
  • Stay on well-lit and well-traveled paths
  • Report any emergency or crime on campus / off campus, call 911
  • Don't prop doors
  • Lock your car and room/house

Winter Weather Safety

  • Dress in layers, wear proper footwear
  • Plan ahead, give yourself sufficient time and plan your route
  • Stay informed of weather forecast
  • Walk and drive with caution
  • Report all suspicious activity to Police

Spring Break Safety

  • Lock your door when you leave
  • Make sure your friends and family know where you will be
  • Don’t let your friends wander off with someone they just met
  • Don’t accept a drink from someone else – watch when your drink is being made
  • Trust your instincts