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Engineering & Computing

Creating solutions for the welfare of humanity and needs of society.

Miami's engineering program is in the top 29 in the nation among schools where Bachelor's/Master's is the highest degree.

- US News & World Report


IT Analyst, Eli Lilly
B.S. Software Engineering

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Students get one on one direction from their professors.

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Students work together to build their own version of the lunar rover.

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A student works in a computer lab.

Bryce Linkous


Major: Bioengineering
Intern: Ethicon Cincinnati
President, Engineers Without Borders Club

"I knew early on Miami was where I belonged because the students are the most connected by far. Here, I knew I would receive an undergraduate experience tailored to my career and life goals.

Miami has built a name for itself recently in its dedication to socially-engaged engineering, and immersing myself in this initiative is what continues to grow my passion for engineering."


Assistant Professor, Computer Science and Software Engineering
Advisor, Girls Who Code Club

Dr. Inclezan creates programs that think, researching and developing new ways for computers to comprehend scenarios and answer questions. She investigates how artificial intelligence can be applied to fields as diverse as second-language acquisition and biology. She also finds time to advise the "Miami Girls Who Code" club and even teaches Miami summer term classes in Italy!

Our Faculty
Girls Who Code

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Socially Engaged
Engineering and Computing

Faculty and students work together to improve the well-being of individuals and societies.

We integrate social and technical aspects into our teaching to help students to design and research solutions to the world’s problem.Learn more about SEEC »


Project Engineer, National Engineering
B.S. Mechanical Engineering

Jon Puz '13

Vice President, Sheilds Pharmacy Services

"In my experience, communicating ideas, thinking strategically, collaborating with teams, and solving problems are the four keys to success. These are the very skills that I developed as a student at Miami, and I would not be where I am today without the CEC.