Parrish Auditorium

Audience members sitting at their seats during an event in Parrish Auditorium.
 A speaker at the podium on the stage of Parrish Auditorium.

Parrish Auditorium is located in Hamilton, Ohio at Miami University's Hamilton Campus. This 450-seat theater houses over 80 function dates per year for campus and community organizations. We are proud to offer some of Hamilton and the Tri-State area's best entertainment.

Parrish Auditorium is home for the Miami University Artist and Lecture Series. The Greater Hamilton Civic Theatre is also housed in Parrish Auditorium, providing outstanding performances since 1970.

Parrish Auditorium houses yearly recitals for local dance schools and conferences for many state and local agencies. The distinctive sculptural relief on the exterior of the building is named "Passages" and was the gift of Mr. and Mrs. Huntington V. Parrish. The work itself was conceived and rendered by a former member of the Hamilton faculty, artist Phillip Joseph. The dedication ceremony took place on December 19, 1973.

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