Facility Amenities

Verity Lodge from 1969.
 2018 Outside of Verity Lodge

Verity Lodge comprises a front meeting room (102), a back meeting room (101), kitchen (105), and single stall unisex restroom facility (103).

The total capacity of Verity Lodge is 120 persons, combining front and back meeting rooms. Capacity is dependent on set up arrangement; for example, maximum seated capacity for a lecture in the front meeting room is 80 persons.

Items provided for use in the facility include:

  • tables
  • chairs
  • piano
  • 2 x microwaves
  • refrigerator
  • sink

Users with permission may use fireplace. Wood is provided and stored on lodge porch when available. Some restrictions apply.

No other equipment, furnishings, utensils, linens, covers, coffee makers, food storage, etc. are provided.

The kitchen in Verity LodgeVerity Lodge interior, showing fireplace

Verity Lodge interior with folding chairs and oblong tables set up in rows

Verity Lodge interior showing depth of room