Faculty Advisors

Student and Advisor talk in advising office.
 Advisor meeting with student in advising office.
 A student writing on a piece of paper.

One of the most important relationships students make at the university is with their faculty advisor. Students are assigned a faculty advisor in his or her discipline; if a student changes majors, he/she will be assigned an advisor in the new academic department. Students who are undecided are assigned to a professional academic advisor until they declare a major.

Faculty advisors are experts in the student's major and may also guide professional development. Students are encouraged to meet with their faculty advisor at least once a semester.

Faculty advisors help students to:

  • Seek information regarding course content. Faculty advisors teach in the departments and are familiar with the content and provisions of required courses.
  • Explore career opportunities. Faculty advisors are recognized as experts in their fields and can mentor students on career development.
  • Develop a mentoring relationship. Faculty advisors help students develop their skills and abilities. 
  • Assist with career planning and goal setting. Faculty advisors are excellent resources for students in finding internships, work and graduate school opportunities.

Students may see who their assigned faculty advisor is by logging into MyMiami and clicking on the Student Tab.