Oxford Change of Campus

Bachelor Hall in Oxford

Regional Campus students who wish to take courses on the Oxford campus have two options:

  • Permission to Register allows you to take one or two classes in Oxford while taking the majority of your courses at the Regional campuses and paying Regional rates.
  • Full Change of Campus is for students who wish to take all or the majority of their credit hours on the Oxford campus; a full change of campus means you will pay Oxford tuition rates and student fees.

Regardless if you intend to change your campus partially or in full, Regional campus students must meet the minimum criteria: 

  • Complete at least 16 graded credit hours from Miami University Regionals in 100+ level courses (NOT including: Post-Secondary, College Credit Plus, AP, CLEP, credit/no-credit, or transfer credits). Note that winter term grades are not posted until after spring semester starts and do not count towards spring permission to register in Oxford.
  • Achieve a  cumulative GPA not less than 2.0
  • Have an acceptable conduct record
  • English Language Center(ELC) students must complete ENG109 at their home campus before taking any Oxford classes.

Change of Campus for Spring 2021 

To change your campus to Oxford for Spring semester 2021, either partially or in full, please review the information and fill out the appropriate form at the One Stop

Permission to Register

When you fill out the form, you'll be asked to list Oxford campus classes you want to take. You may request permission to register for more classes than you sign up for, in case Oxford classes fill before your Time Ticket opens. When your form is processed, you'll receive an email to your Miami Email account from regOneStop@miamiOH.edu confirming your permission to register and containing information about your Oxford Time Ticket. You will then sign up for Oxford classes on y our own through BannerWeb.  Note that your Regional Time Ticket and Oxford Time Ticket may be different

Full Change of Campus

When you fill out the form, you'll get an email confirmation and if you have met the requirements to change your campus,  you will have two holds placed on your account that prevent registration. You must resolve these holds in order to register for Spring semester 2021 classes! 

  • Immunization hold: you'll receive an email invitation to sign up for MedProctor, where you will upload physician-reviewed immunization documents. An email confirmation is sent when the documents are received. This could take up to 3 weeks. Find more information at Student Health Services Immunizations
  • Relocation Advising hold: to change your campus to Oxford, you are required to meet with an Oxford Academic Advisor.

Spring 2021 Change of Campus Advising

If you are planning to change to the Oxford campus for Spring 2021, you must meet with an Oxford advisor before you can register for Spring courses. Spring 2021 Oxford Advisor contact information is as follows:

  • College of Arts and Science (including pre-FSB) will receive an email inviting them to schedule a 30-minute appointment; for questions, contact Carl Carceres at cacerecj@miamiOH.edu
  • Teacher Education majors (but not Inclusive Special Education) should email Cathy Moore at moorecr3@miamiOH.edu
  • Inclusive Special Education majors should email Molly Kelly at kellyem1@miamiOH.edu 
  • Kinesiology (KNH) and Sports Leadership & Management (SLAM) majors should email Garry Bowyer at bowyerg@miamiOH.edu
  • Family Studies and Social Work (FSW/SWK) majors should email Carolyn Slotten at slottect@miamiOH.edu
  • Engineering & Computing majors should email Keisha Norris at norrisk6@miamiOH.edu 
  • Creative Arts majors should email Gretchen Radler at radlergb@miamioh.edu 
  • Admitted Farmer School of Business (not pre-FSB) majors should email Jacob Shaw at shawj5@miamiOH.edu
  • Regional (CLAAS) majors should use Navigate to schedule an appointment with Yolanda Hart or Stephanie Beck, or call 513-727-3440 for an appointment