Student Opportunities

Honors Program

Miami's Honors Program has high-achieving students complete Honors Experiences in addition to Miami Plan Foundational requirements. For more information, visit Regional Campus Honors

Student Employment

Students make valuable part-time employees at Miami Regionals who make significant contributions to campus operations. Working on campus not only provides income; it fosters responsibility and encourages you to use your time wisely. Students who choose to work on campus appreciate the convenience of their job location and the opportunity to get to know faculty and staff. For more information, view Student Employment

Study Abroad

The Global Perspectives requirement in the Global Miami Plan can be met by completing six credit hours of Study Abroad experiences.  Study Abroad provides an unforgettable educational experience. Many Study Abroad experiences can be completed over winter term or spring break or during the summer, and there are opportunities to Study Abroad with Regional faculty. For more information, view Study Abroad.