Earning a Living and Paying for College

(Updated Summer 2012)

How Much Will You Earn?

The following chart shows how much you can expect to earn with a high school diploma, associate degree, and baccalaureate degree.

Gross Annual Income based on Education Level
Education Level Gross Annual Income1
Associate Degree in Engineering Technology $37,000-60,000/year
Baccalaureate Degree in Engineering Technology $45,000-70,000/year
High School Diploma $13,000-25,000/year

1 Salary ranges based on graduate surveys and Ohio Department of Labor

How Can You Pay for College?

  • Loans, grants, and scholarships are available through Financial Aid office
  • Engineering Technology offers some scholarships
  • Co-op - this is the best way to pay for school. You earn money while you learn--and we have more jobs than we can fill! Through co-op you will find out quickly what you like and don’t like about your field of study. The following information was provided by our co-op/placement office:
  • Average co-op wage for Engineering Technology 15.93/hour
  • Co-op gross income per SEMESTER
    • 15 weeks@40hrs/wk@$15.93/hr $ 9,558.00
    • 15 weeks@20hrs/wk@$15.93/hr $4,779.00
  • Tuition Cost for a semester (including General Fee and Network & Technology Fee)
    • 2012-13 full time rate, lower division, in-state $2,479.20
    • 2012-13 full time rate, upper division, in-state $3,758.40
  • Typical Cost for books & supplies per semester $719.00

Miami Regional Career & Co-op/Internship Services

The office of Miami Regional Career Services & Professional Development helps students, graduates and alumni find work related to their academic major. Co-op or intern students can arrange to work while taking classes or alternate semesters between work and classes. ENT 220 (Professional Practice) is the class you can enroll in to do a co-op. It can be taken for credit or no credit. If you are interested in doing a co-op, please contact:

Doug Reichenberger
Regional Director, Career Services & Professional Development
122 Rentschler Hall (Hamilton campus) 513-785-3113
105 Johnston Hall (Middletown campus) 513-727-3390