Advanced Drawing Project: Kate Toensmeyer

Kate Toensmeyer, winner of the Department of Humanities and Creative Arts Award for Student Excellence created the images below as part of her final Advanced Drawing project.

Artist Statement

This series draws upon the storybook illustrations that prompted my childhood interest in art. Rather than finding inspiration in museums and galleries, I first discovered the art world along my local library’s shelves. As I grew older and learned to read, I branched out to chapter books, where I needed to create unique images in my head from the author’s words. Such experiences opened my imagination to new worlds and compelled me to create my own. However, I sensed frustration while drawing as a child, because my hands were not yet trained to create what my mind envisioned. Now, in my final semester of art school, I decided to readdress the whimsical characters I once strived to create. This series harkens back to my childhood fascination with animals, fairytales, and fantasy, connecting my present to my past. To quote C.S. Lewis, one of my favorite childhood authors, “Someday you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.”

Painting of donkey in suit of armor

Painting of sow dressed in velvet and wearing jeweled rings

Boar wearing crown and Elizabethan clothing