In 2008, the Ohio Board of Regents approved the Bachelor of Integrative Studies Program (BIS), which eventually became the Department of Integrative Studies. In the fall of that year, we offered the first BIS seminar and 103 students declared BIS as their major. Students could select from nine pre-designed concentrations or self-design their concentration. By 2009, our enrollment had reached 345 students and by 2012 we had added three additional pre-designed concentrations. In July of 2013, the College of Professional Studies and Applied Sciences (CPSAS) was established on the regional campuses of Miami University, and at that time the Department of Integrative Studies was moved to CPSAS. At the start of 2015, the Department of Integrative Studies offered 13 pre-designed concentrations and continues to offer students the ability to self-design their concentration. Our enrollment generally ranges between 375-500 students, across all the regional campuses. In June 2015, the BA/BS in Liberal Studies was approved.  By the end of 2015, the state of Ohio approved our Bachelor of Science in Applied Communication (APC) with a major in Health Communication, and in the spring of 2016 our second new degree, a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Communication with a major in Communication Studies, was approved. In July of 2016 CPSAS was renamed to the College of Liberal Arts and Applied Sciences and the Department of Integrative Studies was renamed the Department of Interdisciplinary and Communication Studies (ICS).